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Don't. You we. May never know Sarah Beth's has. Been an Upper West side institution It was closed Sunday on the. Upper West side Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty three or about the mid morning commute now, at nine eighteen begin traffic and weather together on the back over to Jim felt damn you still have those delays on double from those earlier incidents of Woodside and hicksville still. Delays there saying averaging about, thirty minutes on l. a. double lar- metro north Hudson line that's back on her close New Jersey transit also expect delays and cancellations as, well as they're saying as the result of the installation of the positive train control, equipment they, have in cancelling, trains and combining trains throughout the morning going, to the, inbound Lincoln. Tunnel some better news admit tube in the south tube that earlier. Disabled trucks cleared away still, the looking at, lays of at least a half. An, hour same on the outbound side inbound Holland tunnel it's about ten. To fifteen minutes outbound we're seeing be, believes building up now on the westbound turnpike extension so something to watch out for jersey bound gobbles bridge on the ramp to. The turnpike. Some operational activity in the right lane and Al Bronx bound on, the RFK. Triborough, bridge watch? Out for a crash. There up to three lanes are shut big delays Back into queens both on the Grand Central westbound bala- Guardia and northbound. West leg of the BQ e. going back to at least thirty first avenue will stay in, queens you've got delays continuing on the eastbound l. a. getting into Nassau County and heading to the app on g WBZ on the cross Bronx it's about an hour now from. White Plains road extravagant less, than ten minutes away and WCBS eighty on August morning is not all that unusual but Craig Allen you add all that humidity and it's, going to be another oppressive day it's true it almost feels like it's ninety around the city, the dew point, seventy one that is not good Kennedy eighty-five, do points, seventy five. That's really not good that's not comfortable at all the heat index. Is already ninety three head, Kennedy and it's, a sign of things to come. Ninety, to ninety five today and I would think that it's going to. Feel like ninety five to one hundred, for much of.

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