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That's a good business it's fine yeah that's fine there's another wrong with his mullen other people's lawns business are you saying he's just doing his that would have been so i mean can you imagine david i've never met fan of his anyway really really bad but yeah my gosh it'll be but that would have changed the entire movie though goofy i mean you know i can't even better black wasn't mention it no it wasn't goofy going behind the scenes of real life situations was it the second one that was so terrible or was it the third the second and third because the first one was really good i was forty and then the rest of them were like good gosh what happened but what happened l made a bunch of money david schwimmer could've saved them disagree with this well cosmo hurts kids mission is to protect kids from cosmopolitan magazine because well let's face it it's pornography victoria hers put this movement together her family's corporation the hearst corporation actually publishes the magazine but she's not trying to drive him out of business or you know censor at an in any way she just wants material harmful to minor laws applied throughout the states so that you can't sell cosmo to kids under eighteen let's all work really hard to protect our kids from pornography just take a stand against this magazine being sold to anybody eighteen or under unless you think it's good that they're learning from articles like heat up sex with sizzling foreplay techniques.

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