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Another movie haunting in connecticut over to ryan. So yeah so. I mean obviously the words have been around a really long time and as we just mentioned they have the entire conjuring series of movies. But there are other haunting. They were involved with investigating. That led to different movies. This is probably this probably a pretty well known movie. I don't. i don't know that it did that. Well but it's pretty good. But i wanted to talk about the actual story behind it so if you haven't seen haunting in connecticut i will kind of explain what the movies like just very briefly but i wanna talk about what the story is so the actual real story. It's the sneed. Eker house is the name of the the The family that lived there and it was a home in southern ten connecticut where the haunting was according to lorraine warren much much scarier than any movie ever could be which is a pretty good introduction to that story and and i kind of agree although i think the movie was pretty creepy so it might be worth kind of reading over a synopsis of the movie. Just so you have a little bit of clarity. So when the campbell family moves to upstate connecticut. They soon learned their charming. Victorian home has a disturbing history. Not only was the house aide transformed funeral parlor. Where inconceivable acts occurred but the owners clairvoyant. Son jona served as a demonic messenger providing a gateway for spiritual entities to crossover now available terror weights when jona the boy who communicated with the powerful dark forces of the supernatural returns to unleash a new kind of horror on the innocent and unsuspecting family. So that's deal like we hard. I feel like we're like giving a movie trailer review. Hey maybe maybe i am. I did give that. I dig it. I didn't give it my full movie. Trailer voice. I could have when the campbell family to upstate connecticut. No you gotta you gotta bring more basic. Why didn't you me anyway. it's okay also inconceivable. I also inconceivable. I thought of princess bride. Oh no i think there. There's not a a any time that that word is said that. I don't think of that movie so i can feasible. I do not think that word means what you think. It means so. Have you guys seen that movie. Just out of curiosity i have. Yes i saw it. Maybe in the theater. I don't okay asa -sarily remember where i saw it but i know that i did see it. You know it's funny. I don't remember if i saw it in the theater. Either so alex you said you haven't either. I have not and i'm learning something about myself. Okay which.

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