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Dave janet dot com to subscriber side of the department of advanced research oh it's my honor to welcome back the famed nick growers nick welcome back hey thanks for having me on again dave how are you educate folks nick what what are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to the security issue and the privacy issue when they're online well i mean the department of advanced research piece that we put out as far as internet security goes really is i mean by by my own central definition it's kind of boring it's really should be called browser settings one or one and that kind of goes hand in hand with the question you just asked which is what's the biggest mistake ninety percent of the people are gonna make when it comes to internet privacy mistake number one typically is or revolves around the installation of third party browser privacy software and i'm not talking just a little stuff that you can get like the google play store that's like superduper adblocker or you know super duper internet privacy stuff like that i'm talking even the big stuff mcafee and norton persky stuff like that is the installation of a lot of those third party programs actually wound up doing more harm than good and they do more harm than good in the multiple in a multitude of ways one of which is limiting browser functionality kind of the sledgehammer approach which i'm a big advocate of by the way you know you got a problem just get a bigger hammer but the way the way a lot of those browser plugging a lot of a lot of those third party components function limits a lot of the functionality that you want to work so you know just as an example operation freedom someone goes operation freedom as the video doesn't play the audio worker there's some you know kind of thing going on there where it's it's inexplicable glitch hey you know ninety percent of the times my first question's gonna be well what else do you have installed decide your major browsers such as internet explorer edge firefox chrome opera for the people out there that still use that you know nine out of ten times it can be traced directly back like a third party browser plugin so what i kind of tried to do with the department events research piece that we just did which is you know these browsers you know especially chrome and i know chrome comes with a bit of a stigma has the google the company in in certain circles.

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