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Dot com in fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance now we'll talk about the things that really matter like why you all hate Carmelo Anthony can you put some respect on my man's name and before you say I always say everybody has their biases the people who admit their biases to you are the ones that you can trust yes I went to Syracuse mellow was before my time I was a freshman in five he was there in two thousand and three and I bet on that Kerr kind Rick Nick Collison K. U. team over Carmelo Anthony that's a great gambling story sixteen years old for the forty dollar gambling account at the seven hundred Bucks largely riding that K. U. team cook Heinrich was a covering machine dominated marketing Dwyane Wade in the final four put it all on K. you and mellow Gerry McNamara to keep more it screwed me so even though that's all modern and mellows done great things for alma mater that is not a bias that I have towards him I have a bias towards fax in respect right if you please play a couple of the cuts the Carmelo Anthony had discussing his status within N. B. A. circles or lack there of when he was on ESPN with Stephen a Smith because I'll speak my truth by and and I never do this I never speak out about this I'm not bagging but I just I feel like it's too many narratives about Carmelo Anthony but not coming from the horse's mouth and that's when I start to get lego argues that so many people speaking I gave this to many people speaking on all my name and I don't like that I was like I don't want to do this no more but I don't want to deal with the politics of playing a sport that I love and I feel like the game didn't Love Me back at one point at that point in time like this is all the motions going then at that point it's up I feel like I love the game within a game of me at that particular time so now well now what now I'm set at that point that was my most is now I love the game too much to be away from hello I just love the game I do everything I'm training young guys I'm trying to myself like I'm I'm in and now I got my kind of a new a new life a balmy after after as I it took me awhile to get out of that situation emotionally not a huge success it is crazy to me that there's not a spot on any roster for Carmelo Anthony it's ludicrous that he doesn't have a permanent long standing invitation to play for team USA basketball but putting that aside for a second the issue that mellow has of the game not loving him back and no team wanting him on their squad right now let's say it's all over for Carmelo Anthony as a professional basketball player I don't get the hate where the disrespect for the jokes because this guy is a first ballot no doubt about it hall of Famer it's not even close he is an all time great and I'm kind baffled that more people don't acknowledge this as stated fact basketball players do basketball players revere mellow because they know that when he was on his game there was basically no one harder to stop he was for a long stretch of time the best or second best your score in the NBA it was him in Kobe for best scores but also mellows not a winner.

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