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To Rockville going down on the south downs for itself but should find your lanes open as you approach the lane divide Jack Taylor WTOP traffic Matt Ritter got some bright sunshine this morning yep the class will be rolling in during the day today so increasing clouds after this morning sunshine and temperatures will end up in the mid fifties this after in a couple degrees above average for this time of the year so just a little bit chilly will be cloudy all night tonight it'll be cold in a few showers will be arriving by the morning rush tomorrow's a coastal storm system begins to rapidly deepening take shape lows will be in the mid thirties to near forty degrees and then tomorrow Friday throughout the day love on and off showers blustery cold winds highs are only going to be in the mid forties to right around fifty degrees and cloudy otherwise Saturday will still have the blustery wind with a mixture of clouds and sunshine with the showers will be out of here highs will be in the mid forties to near fifty and then Sunday mostly sunny not as windy and milder temperatures highs will be in the upper fifties to near sixty thirty four degrees right now in Frederick what forty three in Fredericksburg it's also forty three at Washington Reagan national okay man thank you get that bright sunshine this morning and it's up to forty one now it's brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week seven twenty one now in the Fairfax doctor is facing the possibility of up to two decades in prison after pleading guilty to illegally distributing prescription drugs he was accused of writing fifteen thousand prescriptions for controlled substances to more than a thousand patients in a less than two year period now forty nine year old girl preached by joie has pleaded guilty to illegally giving prescriptions to six patients prosecutors say in one case he prescribed both oxy code own examine X. to a patient who was addicted to heroin and who later died of an overdose in other cases he gave prescriptions to under cover officers one of the officers said that she was a fitness model and needed Adderall for her workouts Bachelet's set to be sentenced in may John Aaron WTOP news proposal from the university of Maryland.

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