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Help with food stamps or or snap eight. So this is a real crisis in our country and I'm hoping that the negotiators can bring them to some sanity. This isn't partisanship. It's about patriotism and being there for people in the. I. Wish I could be in the meeting Louis Joy Postmaster General Tomorrow. But hopefully, will will hear how that goes Senator Cory Booker a from. New. Jersey there in Washington hopefully where he's going to be voting on something soon. Thank you so much. You're tonight. Thank. You always Chris. Next the president's response to the one thousand people or more in this country who die every day from the coronavirus quote it is what it is Pulitzer Prize winning Laurie Garrett on the president's deadly interesting confronting the pandemic after this. We choose to go to the moon and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they offer. I'm Chuck Rousson on my podcast the oath I speak with those who sacrificed for the common good who do things because they are hard this week former senior FBI official Amy Hess. He was kneeling down holding a baby's shoe. He just dissolved in tears all of a sudden the evil that happened in Oklahoma City struck me join me for season three of the oath and MSNBC podcast search for the oath wherever you're listening right now and please subscribe new episodes everyone's Day. Hey It's Chris as this week on my podcast wise is happening I will talk to Vox David Roberts about the episode divorce between America's two main factions. I you train people not to trust their own eyes and ears to just trust you as a source of information, and then you proceed to the atrocities right? Like once you have people who will believe. Anything you say and support you in literally anything you do. Then you're off to the races but you've got to sort of condition them, and that's I feel like honestly is what we see happening in front of our very eyes right now in the US. That's this week on why is happening search for wise is happening where you're listening right now and subscribe. Interview with President Trump that aired last night, which is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. I think it's under control attain what how Americans? Have Doggie Day dying. That's true and it is what it is. But that doesn't mean we are doing everything we can. It's under control as much as you can draw this is a horrible plague that besets us really think this is as much as we can control. Thousand. Deaths. Well right here United States is lowest in. Numerous categories. Will lower than the world lo the lower than what does Europe in what? What take a look? Here. Case death. Oh, you're doing death is proportion cases I'm talking about death as a proportion of population. That's where the US is really bad. Much. Worse than South Korea Germany. Do that you? have to go by. Q. Have to go by where look here is the United States you have to go by the cases. That Roman right there I cannot stop thinking about I've watched a whole bunch of times and we're months now into this once in a century plague the present Calvin which it is. We have arguably the worst response in the world certainly the worst response among rich countries. That is true. What's amazing about this moment is that Donald Trump is so checked out he cares so little I mean so little about what's actually happening or actually solving it he couldn't even be bothered to remember the disingenuous talking point he was supposed to be pushing. About that, he couldn't get his brain to remember the following sentence. We have a lower case fatality rate than many other countries. Think about you memorize sentence right that sentence too much for him couldn't do it all he remembers he's some total investment in this. Is it someone wants showed him a graph with colored lines with a good colored line for the US that's it. That is the level of care and attention that is being directed to this once in a century catastrophe from the president, and the fact that matters at Yes Jonathan Swan is right. The percentage of Americans we are losing to this disease day in day out from our population the ultimate cost is near the worst in the world. Look at this Financial Times Chart. The. US. is in the top ten of total deaths per million people behind the hardest hit European and South American countries right up there near the top. It's getting worse every day and it's probably going to get even worse in the weeks to come. Join. Me Now Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist Laurie Garrett author of the coming plague newly-emerging diseases in a world out of balance laureates to talk to you. This. To me is something that has become clearer over time it was clear in the beginning. But when you go through the metrics, we is worse here in fatalities are one of the key ways of understanding how bad it is here, and it just is worse than the rest of the world. Without a doubt I mean, we're not the absolute worst in case deaths per hundred thousand or deaths per million citizens but were the worst in absolute numbers and when you go by deaths per thousand, hundred, thousand, million, whatever marker you choose we're right up there as you've said, horribly in the top ten and that means that we're we're being rivaled by countries like India. Countries that where we should be the scientific lead of the planet. We should have the best results on earth. We have the strongest scientific community we have the National Institutes of health. We spend more money on health in any other nation on earth..

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