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It's twelve three the bay area's news station. KCBS lots of sunshine out there today. That's warming up to sixty seventies eighties this afternoon with a bit of a breeze kicking up later. Good afternoon. I'm Rebecca chorale. Here's what's happening preparations for hurricane Florence and its impact on the Carolina coast stretch all the way to the bay area s KCBS reporter Holly Kwon tells us a specialized rescue team based out of Oakland left for North Carolina early this morning. A team of sixteen from California task force. Four activated by FEMA to bring six swiftwater rescue boats to wear up to two feet of rains expected. Oakland. Fire battalion chief Robert lip manages the team and says when it's fire season here. It's hurricane season there, you know, when you see things building, and you know, that there's a chance new start getting everything ready. If this was a complete surprise, it would take longer to get to get rolling and get out the door. They should be able to make it in advance of Florence making landfall. Awesome. What we'd like to be there before it hits? However, if we don't what we'll do is. We'll find a place that shelter until the storm passes over and then we'll get back on the road and get to where we're needed. The Oakland team is made up of fire personnel from Oakland. Alameda, Livermore, Santa Rosa and Fremont fire departments as well as Alameda, and contra Costa counties, deployment could last as long as three weeks, depending on the storm's impact in Oakland. Holy kwan. KCBS on this year's federally designated nine eleven national day of service, KCBS Margaret Schaefer reports from pier. Thirty five in San Francisco were volunteers are packing hundreds of thousands of meals for those in need, this San Francisco meal pack is one of four meal packing projects the others are in New York City, Los Angeles. And Phoenix Ryan wells is director of strategic partnership at nine eleven day nine eleven day is a national day of service, peace and unity. So we have a thousand volunteers coming through here. Thirty five years ever Cisco..

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