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And they were planning for it and they said well we can't go out into the streets because the public will faith was selfseeking that we want more money for our work over our wages that we want me me me stuff and therefore we'll have to stay indoors and their various people like the chief scientists who is now not being replaced by trump and he had saved nano science is political because it's about how we live it's about how we fund and you can't pretend it isn't so you've got to be out there and tell people what it's made of them whereas leading and that's why that kind of discussion is so terribly important but i can understand the difference in how people want to keep away but crisper is something can you imagine it's being almost like one of those computer programs that david was talking about where there's a gene is a problem and you fix it to give you a brief example we were approached by a patient a few months ago who had terminal lung cancer and this person has lived all the alive with written oddest pigmentosa and in fact his wife also had a degenerative vision disorder and went to meet them couple of months before he passed away to discuss that he wanted to donate his is knowing that he would never actually benefit from that with news lifetime but initially donating his tissue we've been out to grow up samples of souls and we were to send those to perth to freight and the team there is a very good inherited diseases croup who specialize in retinal disease and so i would have studied that mutation they would theoretically produce an ip so juice pluripotent stem so correct genetic defect and then potentially then turn that back into the cells at a lost in this particular case so these are things that people are doing experimentally now but i think it will become more prevalent at will come down to cost so that'll be an issue and so at some point man even the techniques that we've been developing already is cost in that and so we'll probably find that those conditions that are most prevalent like back hewlett t generation will probably be at the forefront but if you will want two hundred thousand people that has some.

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