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And I'm gonna just go ahead on a limb here and assume that you feel the exact same way he felt the same homophobic way some? Yeah. Plenty of don't have problem with this and y'all will continue to bump city girls, whoever the fuck else, because y'all agree, you feel the exact same way probably will listen to this motherfucking podcast, my guess on this motherfucker every Thursday and still would beat your kid or be disgusted if your kid was gay. So you can actually fuck off to to be quite right. I'm over all your hoes period the end. Thanks so much for not playing. On another? No. Well, I actually wanted to add really quick because this was also my read more because of this little boy suicide than the words the child used because, again, like you saying that you don't care or that you don't you? I, it's not that I have a problem with AB. Fuck we gave people. I just wouldn't want my child to be gay. You're still saying there's something wrong with being gay like you. If you don't want your child to be harassed, they will be harassed for being black. They will be harassed or being a girl for being, you know, transfer being disabled. Everything like kids will find a reason to pick on each other like you don't have to make it worse. And this child live in a home that was accepting of him. But people who have parents like Risha and JT and does your cat. And everybody else who has said these terrible things are still raising kids, even if not with outright homophobia with the idea that is something wrong with those kids with the. That is okay to tease or bully those kids who are different from you. Don't deserve the same amount of respect or happiness or anything that everybody else does. I'm just so disgusted by it matters that you said this in matters that you responded like that because there are real life consequences to that sorta attitude. Kids pick that up from their parents and they take it to school and little kids who are being affirmed and loved at home, cannot handle the pressure of being told to kill themselves at school, which I can't even fuck in fathom- like that. Never happened to me and I can't even imagine somebody saying like that, especially non stop bullying that happened for like over a year. And my mama told him in instruction about it, and they just kind of blew it off like, oh, well, like, oh, well, maybe your shouldn't be gay. Like, I don't know if they were really negligent, but that's what that woman said. I'm inclined to believe her because it's her who has a dead son at this point, like y'all bullied the little boy to the point where he felt like there was no point in going. Floored. A nine year old, a nine zero baby. That's why we should. That's why people are mad at you because it's not just all well, you know, I hire gay people. My hairstylist gay. I don't want my kids to be sucking girl, girl girl. That is still homophobia. Other gay people are cool, but not in my family is still homophobia. It isn't any better than the people who just don't like us at all. Like you decide that there are exceptions for the gays that you will tolerate is just it is not acceptable, and that is why people are so mad and I don't care like you can come out with ever with whatever apologies you want to that initial reaction. I don't care was so terrible. It was so bad. The fact that child just came out here, like we'll get the fuck over girl. Our kids are dying, so we're not going to get the fuck over it as long as little gay kids feel like they cannot be themselves without wanting to die. I'm gonna get over it. So fuck you. Sincerely. With my whole heart. I also wanted to say to this nigga with four first name's Anthony, Charles Thomas Maxwell according to report. Is the twenty six year old man who decided that it made sense forever reason to hop onto stage at on the run too, and Atlanta, this Atlanta, which had two nights, right? And he did this on the first one..

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