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Instead of having it in that kind of model that mitchell lama a co-op that really provides permanent affordability And functions base for a broader set of people to thrive and succeed. You can't do that with everything but we've got an awful lot of models Where that works. And i think this would be a good moment to to lean into doing more of it so i need to ask you about a nickname when i was growing up. My nickname was jarrett. The parrot i think it was because it rhymed and also because i was something of a teacher's pet the nickname that is occasionally used for you on social media and also wariness not particularly friendly. Is brad pander. Tell me why you think people call you that. And what do they not understand about your vision and what you've tried to do That leads them to think that. It's pander well that's a. that's a good question. i wonder about it sometimes myself. I'll tell you one of the unusual things people don't know about me is in pre kobe. Times i do. kickboxing and they're my instructors. Nickname for me is b rad Which i don't expect will catch on. But i'm gonna try to get my trolls to use in the future. I'm i guess. All i'd say is i respect people who disagree with the politics i have. It's a great thing about democracy that people have different set of spots about how we should achieve these goals. And you know. I work with a lot of people who republicans are more conservative. Democrats represent A big ultra-orthodox community. And i've got friends there who really have very very different viewpoint than high do. I don't think that knows me. Honestly things i'm not Speaking from the heart. And saying pretty straightforwardly what i think Not of what. I've said to you here. I really none of what i've done in office. Is you know with some goal of pandering or winning people over you know. I started my career twenty five years ago working at the fifth avenue committee as an affordable housing developer as a community. Or is they're creating jobs working on criminal justice reform And i've been doing pretty much. The same set of work with a lot of the same allies over twenty five years. So i respect people who disagree. I think it really takes the city of diverse perspectives. To make new york. City thrive But i promise that. I say what i believe. Tried to work with people. Honestly approach people In good faith and and try to get the work done together. So last question for cosmic brad lander. If you win this race you will be inaugurated alongside a brand new mayor and that mayor will be facing potentially a very very challenging situation..

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