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You are in so many things <hes> which is great because as we've seen so many sides of acting like it's fun seeing you in marvel movies you fresh off the boat and now a romantic comedy <hes> yeah yeah. What do you enjoy doing the most. What's the epicenter of the randall park experience you know i think that whole experience with always be my baby was was the best oh really yeah and i think in part because i was doing it with my friends <hes> you know <hes> with alley and a notch and and just people i i really <hes> just love and and i was kind of involved from beginning to end and that was really fun. Did you meet the noncha- when you started fresh off the boat. I have been a fan of hers since <hes> don't trust the b thirty three. She's chronic t._v. Show yeah she's a she's a genius like chest comedy genius and and the nicest is person you'll ever meet yeah what the hell is making just something with a bunch of friends i mean what does that bring out that you wouldn't normally have in a in a movie <hes> it just just like a comfort level and and <hes> just you know you can vetus feel more free taking chances and and and <hes> and just laughing all the time you know it was just it was just so joyful. <hes> you know like you know you know wondering eh people's motives are are you just kinda know them and and and it was just fine. It's kind of a dream just to keep working with friends you know. Could you tell us a bit about how how you started in comedy and like. Did you see yourself <hes> being able to be like a romantic lead <hes> well you know i started acting and doing comedy and writing and college at u._c._l._a. And i had co founded this asian american theater company while i was there and we just we wrote all of our own original material and a lot of it was comedy and we got to play everything you know we got got to be everything and it was just so kind of free and <hes> at that time i thought yeah you know if i ever pursue this professionally. I i would love to be able to do this and then play everything and be a romantically and be a just whatever and <hes> and then years after i graduated. I finally decided hi to kind of pursue. It professionally and i realize that they don't see me the same way. I'm not getting the same opportunities i it did on that stage in college. You know <hes> so so it took a while and ultimately i kind of had to write it to to to do it. So what do you think makes a good good rom com <hes> well. I think a lot of people have kind of said what they love about our movies that says things different but i do like find a lot of comfort in kind of predictable elements around <hes> you know and just seeing how uh-huh elements are are are done. I like that stuff you know it's very comforting and <hes> <hes> so i'd say a combination of the both hitting those beats that we are now but also bringing something new to the table you know <hes> having an asian american uncouple for example you know different and and and and incorporating that <hes> you know their backgrounds and their you know into the into the story line and and <hes> it just makes it more interesting but at the same time you have familiar beats yeah i would say if you just took a cursory look at your career and all that whatever l. the guest roles you've pat on things all the different types of roles you've had i would just naturally think oh well. He's comfortable doing everything but my question for you is what is disorienting for you as an actor. What is the most difficult thing you can encounter sure about working on a project gosh. That's a good question <hes> <hes> gosh i don't. I don't know i look are you throwing on a set of like oh brandel doesn't know what to not really because by the time i'm on the set it's like i you know i've kind of like gone in thinking king. I can do this. You know but i like..

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