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It's not like a big like like i didn't think i thought rachel was fine kd homes as fine film but when i saw maggie mike oh yeah yeah yeah this is yes as more of a i i think there are many many other actresses who could have pulled this off better in my mind so she didn't it's like like again i think cillian murphy took away a little bit from the film or they brought to it i think would you say the katie homes was just neutral yeah she didn't jiang's likely right at replacement level oca um why was why was bruce wayne's first step in conquest of the criminal empire criminal underworld a chain obtaining a hobo suit a host suit that he oh the the code yeah like step good question i don't know lake your brewer it's like if george clooney decided that he wanted to start a life of heroism right now and his first step was the go out and trade jackets with somebody he goes to the fucking i mean they're they're putting bruce wayne they're putting bruce weight on that level like he's the famous son of this wealthy socialite who died and he probably grew up in the spotlight and he just attend his big trial he tries to go and fly to tibet peep people are going to fucking no yeah like where does he go in the world was not recognised because he's got the shitty homeless guys jacket on does i think i i think it was more symbolic to him like this is.

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