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Twenty Dollar, Five Dollars discussed on Dear Hank and John


What form it said a pretty sure she's right yeah this got me thinking other different tipping etiquettes for different kinds of jobs also can i buy pizza delivery driver with my laundry quarters advice of the dubious and non devious categories both are appreciated john i think that even at a sit down restaurant you can give change right you can't give just change so just well what i will sometimes like i'll get the money back and like i'll put twenty bucks in and then they'll come back with like my five dollars and twenty five cents change and then you know i'll just leave that and that's okay yes that is acceptable i don't think that you've ever been a restaurant server and i have been once i moderately more qualified to answer this question when i was a server to restaurant i wanted money and i did not really care about the form of that money like if you wanted to leave me a roll of quarters that would be fun fine i did mind is the money clean is delivered to me in a way that is designed to embarrass or humiliate me for instance the person who left me a twenty dollar tip thank you but covered it in the i would call it the nacho cheese no but the restaurant that i worked at i think we were not allowed to technically call cheese because it didn't have any cheese in it so we called it nacho cheese sauce that thing to covered in the nacho cheese sauce and i was like it such that's why.

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Twenty Dollar, Five Dollars discussed on Dear Hank and John

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