Donald Trump, MGM, Bernie Sanders discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Because they feel like people with five where they get the son of billionaire dollars I that's probably why China has such a sweetheart deal that for so many years they've been ripping off our guns reporter asked whether trump has personally asked the president of China to investigate the bidens trump said no but that's something to think about Joe Biden denies corruption and says trump is trying to destroy him. Bernie Sanders says or at least his presidential campaign says Sanders is pointed to take part in the democratic primary debate this month Sanders has canceled some campaign events in California this week as it recovers from surgery to unlock an artery the debate is set for the fifteenth one person's been killed two others treated for gunshot wounds at a retirement complex in Vancouver Washington cap Kim with Vancouver PD says the alleged eighty year old shooter barricaded himself inside see is a resident of the apartment complex the man was arrested after short stand off the building is just across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon a settlement has been reached between MGM resorts international and people affected by the mass shooting at a music festival in Vegas fifty eight people were killed two years ago when a man begins shooting into the crowd for the Mandalay bay hotel which is owned by MGM attorney Robert Englund says thousands of people were affected this was an incredibly complex situation involving roughly forty four hundred victims all with varying types of injuries. four deaths. and we were trying to resolve this case you know before the two year statute of limitations ran MGM's insurers will contribute at least seven hundred thirty five million dollars to a settlement fund lawyers for the families say MGM may contribute more if needed could reach eight hundred million got a crash.

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