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Family here tonight Deborah green produces the show a long bloody odd the stork ask him on the other side of the take out window loti Chuck screens your calls. all right now we get down and dirty previewing tomorrow's huge match up in the classic city it's of course the Georgia and Notre Dame we've been talking about it very much all summer long and it's finally here joining us in studio prepping for the big game WSB radio sports director J. black how are you Jay bird I got notes I had no gets I'm ready to go I mean I just as like a I guess twenty four year Georgia Bulldogs fan I'm pretty pumped about this you were born and bred into the Georgia family a lifetime a lifeline ambition biggest game nine year playoff game that we've ever seen Georgia playing in your lifetime anyway now I would say that that's probably true certainly the biggest non conference game ever played really at Sanford stadium it since the first time since nineteen sixty six the two teams in the top ten dot conference of played in Athens and then you have the allure of Notre Dame coming down here for the first time it certainly meets the hype now we have to find out if the game will do that but we'll get to the exes and ohs in just a little bit but I want to talk about I mean you you being a part of the bulldog broadcasting for a while here I know you don't do much tailgating because you're actually do work but what's the atmosphere gonna be like tomorrow with this huge match and the fact that it's an eight PM kickoff well yeah there that will exacerbate things that everybody's gonna have all day to get ready to go in Athens they're kind of bracing for about a hundred and fifty thousand people to be in town tomorrow the stadium holds ninety thousand plus yes so there's going to be that many more tail gaiter they're expecting just hanging out and then the the noted I talk as a Notre Dame fans earlier this week and that wasn't sure how how obviously George's trip to south bend was once of a night time you know you know Georgia fan on this and I took over the status always wondering how much Notre Dame people will be looking for to come in Athens and it seems like they really are because you know they know that this is where football is done now the best is is in the south of Notre Dame people were great us hopefully Georgia people do the same to them and if they did hopefully will be a nice great atmosphere and so just as a personal note so the tickets I have for the game are in the Notre Dame family section of. so these are tickets from a player's family and the condition was that I would I could I could tag could buy the tickets from them but I could not wear red and black seems fair and I they were face value tickets I was like I'll wear a rainbow jumps to whatever it is you know I don't debate nine thousand dollars again the game so Notre Dame fans at least on a personal very protective of their tickets not going to Georgia fans they want to make sure that the Irish are well represented in the stadium yeah I'd I don't know how they really felt at one everybody look back as a man we really look to take for this place yeah so they want to try to try to have a little more for showing but I I just don't see George people turn over their tickets now it was two years ago because this is a bucket list thing for for Georgia fans always to have noted in here I will go back to the late kick off I don't know what to do tailgating wise what time I should get their traffic wise what time are things gonna skits that I start getting bad on three sixteen what what do you think tomorrow well with game day being there so early colleges being college gameday that that'll help a little bit because I know a lot of people are going up early. the signs and see Lee Corso Sackler so they'll be in place yeah I I think three sixteen will be fine until that last count a golden few miles when you get on the walk ins Vilayat accounting to connect to their their yes and then it's gonna be kinda kinda slam day on I do I don't know if you can. you know if you get there like ten o'clock probably be okay but you know once we get past noon ten AM you know what there's no well be which I had which is actually what I figured you would so I'll be there it once yeah it's it's Athens can manage it though yeah they they it's as far as college football venues go Athens handles its traffic about as well as you can a man talking WSB radio sports director J. black on the mark air show preview tomorrow's big George in order to gain game kick off today what times are cover Sergej we'll have the Dave Baker show they're starting at nine o'clock Lublin to show their starting at two and then our official delegate show with the just dance or get a boat learning a Williams and our desire started for them okay it off at eight ten sources tell me there will be an additional one hundred thousand people going to the classic city just to be a part of the I'm sure you're not in any chance of going into the game I I know parking is the concerned what what it what can you tell the folks that might be going to game just the tail gate what what can they do for parking situation don't park on the grass except of the in a rural fields because they will come and get you it'll it'll parking on the grass there is free parking at the enemy will field which is on the east side of campus and I do have a lot of places over there there's a Jack you can pay to get in by the Ramseys and others parking there you can pay to get it on the. that's going to be the the challenges it's it is kind of complicated to park if you don't have one of those golden Pat sure what you're very hard to come by J. black onus on the market show so I I'm probably gonna get driven to the gate just because you know I wanna have fun I want to have a couple of adult beverages in retail getting with kai HBO yes in you know he likes to to throw throw down yeah exactly so I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm trying to get a look or a ride Cher kind of thing going on this because I I've tried to park like at a big Georgia Alabama game George offer game and on those games parking is crazy so on one of the that I certainly want to drive home after I've been bought been biting so I'm gonna forgo but I heard parking passes we're going up to like two hundred dollars he said as a surprise me unbilled invent does not surprise me B. J. black joining us on the market I'm sure all right let's talk about the game that on to really feel that Sanford stadium obviously a big match a big name teams Georgia a big favorite to touch down plus favored over the fighting Irish surprised to see the number that big I don't think so I I'm five seem both of Notre Dame's games they were counted they were kind of wobbly and and they they haven't been the top on the phone and fourteen year yes so previous history as part of the reason for that a Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is happy to even late at all think this week in the underdog role no perceived weaknesses in this group it's all true. it's also very very good defense system very balanced offense that can run it and throw it great kicker poner I have all the tools so we'll try to muster together twenty two guys get a model plane go down Athens and see what we can do I love that we'll see if we can muster twenty guys and get on a plane aw shucks issues no Notre Dame coming down here to ask and see what we can do I mean they're they're they are certainly good the difference here to me is is the the depth daughters gets so much depth I don't know if Notre Dame at once you get past that starting wave I don't know if they can quite match up there with George to be fair Georgia is not played opponent L. good as Notre Dame I mean this is by far and away the toughest test that the Bulldogs a face this yes man cupcake city for both sides yeah as best as you can tell when George applies the competition I've played they look the part that's how the number three team in the nation supposed to look against the teams they played but you don't learn much from Vanderbilt Murray state Arkansas state like you noted that correct going inside the numbers that's a phrase we like to use the rushing yards allowed is what stands out for me so Georgia as a lot sixty yards rushing per game so far this year Notre Dame has allowed two hundred and thirty rushing yards a game to me I mean I'm not the the old ball coach I'm not Kirby smart I'm not shopping would I'm not calling plays but that to me seems like Notre Dame's weaknesses stopping the run Notre Dame is a hundred and twenty eighth in the nation and stopping the run out of a hundred there's a hundred and thirty teams that they're trying to stop the run I am a Kirby smart was asked about that he said those numbers account of misleading because Louisville in New Mexico Louisville in New Mexico and things a little different than we. and their eggs iris and yeah that might be a little misleading bought they had guys out of place against Louisville they've got a long rotation of linebackers which really isn't what you will find a linebacker plan a lot of them so they certainly aren't as good as George is at stopping the run if they can obviously if they canceled on George's five tailbacks I got no shot George and Notre Dame tomorrow here on your home with the dogs ninety five point five WSB Atlanta's news and talk another said in numbers that jumps out at me J. black points per game so far this year Notre Dame is averaging fifty point five points per game Georgia just under that forty nine point three points per game you would think well this is gonna be out massive shoot out but not necessarily right Notre Dame certainly has plenty of weapons when they've been hitting its its Bob's Ian book come twenty well case completing nineteen nineteen yards per pass per completion whereas the best among power five quarterbacks they've been really hidden bombs on the two teams they play which is New Mexico in Louisville I do think George is more balanced I think they have more talent everywhere the what the one thing the two things I'm watching for one Georgia has the ball is out of the young wide receivers match up with what is a very experienced secondary for Notre Dame and Notre Dame does have a very good pass rush obviously Georgia's offense of line is fantastic I haven't had to deal with that yet and I say will serve a big right tackles a little banged up so those are kind of the two matches for George's side of the ball the size of the running game in a March again I I think the key for George's obviously did just that pound the ball up the middle but is this kind of Jake fronts coming out party nationally lot of folks you know he's he's gotten certainly explosion SEC championship games in and the big SEC games but this is the big national stage eight PM and now the world can see Jake properties you gonna do anything to Mars gonna have to I think it's going to be more than the Andre swift chilling out party than for Jake from problems from is not supposed to throw for three hundred and fifty yards and four touchdowns unless the the the opponents just give it to his goal is to manage the office he certainly more talented than just the quote unquote game manager but I think swift who hasn't had a lot of Kerry's yet the first. games because it hasn't been necessary I really think it's going to be his coming out party tomorrow but problems look great the young wide receivers Pickens and Blaylock of looked great against the cupcakes now let's do it against the big boys yeah J. black WSB sports director joining us on the market I'm show you've got an early early early start tomorrow what would what times your alarm going are you stayed in Athens tonight all Kawkab come back tonight will be in Athens for a little bit today come back tonight sleep in my own bed which I like to do get up at eight o'clock I get in Athens by ten and will mean Baker will play around a little bit you're ready for football game will be inside the bookstore should come by and see us and then the blunder Skelton will have her show inside the bookstore from two to four and then I will be steps away the bookstore plaza starting at four o'clock for broadcast letter bookstore mentions from a bookworm like J. when we appreciate so your lawn is going off at eight AM which might sound early on a Saturday for folks with Jay normally gets a bit what time for lan is warning is one fifty one and last week from the eclectic Arleta clock show up for Saturday I got up at three thirty so you get up at eight AM tomorrow you won't be home until three o'clock three in the morning that's a lot of what you gonna do you gonna Red Bull it what are you doing holiday they'll be they'll be enough address yeah turning in that game I will be concerned I.

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