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Gene that was on the ground i remember the original straight up who a no abdul paula abdul exactly shannon you're you know quite map real throw roberg all right so far so good so far so good fight is in the lead with will actually fleming sacred i think we gotta failure in alabama and cnn has euro zero but that's okay she and you can get on the board next song in the mojo in the morning throwback throwdown is so you fight is washed by candidate daniel betting field get through this buzzer close oh and shannon daniel betting field gotta get through that correct i think that's as soon as i said i realized there nasa by the way i mean i am now pulling a spike had i make fun of me when i do it i'm ryan secretly illegally natasha vetting fields brother all right if your favorite yesteryear the three way tie i love three anti chad play my three way drop it's the only one i have i would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust does that excite you at all or no yes it does okay so that means the whoever gets its next one right will take the lead correct is so good at the math next song in the mojo in the morning throwback throwdown is slim's lam low way lollipop correct dance go one more care as going to miami is it tara or kara keira knightley yes la la la the pa little known fact lollipops are sold at your local meyer store i don't know i know i know facts humble you're not good at okay so why isn't only with two point taken all this shannon bahrke spike have one point and they can tie him this is the throwback throwdown for a trip to miami in the i hurt summer seventeen weekend brought to you by at and t next song in the throwback throwdown keira you ready to win i i need a critical what about you carleen justin you wanna see carragonne miami oh i wanna see carly snyder ask each next song is kanan and three seconds that's cheap way shape of my heart correct never again that one.

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