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Thanks for tuning in to tomorrow on this memorial day weekend. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave minus portion of into tomorrow is brought to you in part by hughes net. America's number one choice for satellite internet text radio to thirty five thousand for more info again. Text radio two. Three five zero zero zero jake in colfax washington listens on kmox. Hello jake welcome into tomorrow. I just gotta car with an older radio a twenty thirteen nissan. But it has a two thousand eight radio on it. Do you guys know like android auto is work on it and also on a side note like headed android auto work. That's great questions carplay. No it does. It works well but jake any aftermarket android auto head unit will work on it any android auto radio will do all the work as long as you. Just give it power from the same inputs. Any normal radio would take the only thing that will affect compatibility and overall experience is whether you can get a double din or a single didn't unit. now that means the heights. Basically of the radio you'll be able to figure that out right away just by looking at your current car radio. Smart car radios are one of those very rare technologies that play nice with older partners in this case cars. Ironically cars don't play nice with newer phones of all in their stock. Radio's can randomly lose features because they're never updated so you're probably saving yourself a headache by installing an android auto radio if you want to count on being able to pair it with your phone. Yeah and really is very easy to do. Generally like pairing bluetooth headset or any other thing that you would pair in that manner worked very well android auto and if you happen to be an iphone any apple carplay so jake let us know what you end up doing and hopefully it works out for you by the way jake do you and everyone else listening. Get our free once a week tech newsletter. We hope the answer is yes. And if not please run. Don't walk to into tomorrow. Dot com little box. Pops up asks only for your email address which we never share with anyone we don't spam you either. Put your email address only in there and then you'll get another email so stand by for that that says click this link to confirm. It's a double opt in program because we don't spam anyone and voila you'll be getting it. There's tech news go figure. There's some thoughts to make you smile. A lot of people like to scroll down read those first and then go back and check out. Who's on the show this week. And what prizes are available in all kinds of other goodies and beth's tech tip this week do you can honor the fallen via your tech with online. Memorials history lessons and social media. And unfortunately even though it's memorial day weekend kind of reminds us that death is inevitable. Well don't make it harder on those. You leave behind in this week's tech newsletter. We tell you how to let loved ones manage passwords sensitive data and social media profiles after. You die. remind me to do that before my surgery next week. I'm not thinking weird but you never know..

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