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A few minutes about diabetes. Good morning, everybody. Jason and Alexis in the morning. My little one, then right along. Oh, he passed this year he was in Memoriam. Yeah, it's crazy way to bring it down. Done. Where to bring it down. I'm Jason. Lex, Don k g. I know George W. Bush is here. Former President George W. Hi, George. Yes. Linus DS George. Okay? Yup. Oh, so fun Cheese? Well, this point. It's just a dirge. Quite a painter. Did you see CBS Sunday morning? Oh, I saw all of the I saw. I watched all of his press appearances. If you guys haven't look, let me say this. I didn't agree with most of dudes policies dot dot dot I'm with Kenny. There is something there. Thank Kenny. He there is something affable about him. And I go back to what? You know. I don't know. People remember this? I should probably do a rabbit hole about this. No joke. People credit The Oprah Winfrey show with turning the election toward George W. In 2000, because know that yes, maybe I will do it as a rabbit hole because Oprah had rarely stepped into politics. And in 2000 that season, she decided to have both Al Gore. And George W. On the Oprah Winfrey Show. And young and forget how influential me that was really kind of at the height of the power of the Oprah Winfrey show. I mean, it actually exceeded that, but We're talking 68 million viewers and George are Al Gore came across wooden and did not come across. Thank you, Kenny. And it shocked everybody, because you know Oprah's Ideals and policy likes probably align more with Mr Gore and then George W. Came on that show and was beyond likable. Land. Old percentage for something. Yes, he was. He was funny. Yeah. Anyway, I'll do a rabbit hole in place some clips, but anyway, so, George, that food on your family? That's right. So many lines from the Internet. Yeah, this Internet funny. We can't forget this either. I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message. In fact, I think it is awesome E America. Hope.

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