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Official results gave us narrow fifty five percent. Share of the vote in son is run off comfortably ahead of Nando Haddad from the left wing Workers Party mister Bosnia row campaigned on a promise to eradicate corruption and to drive down Brazil's high crime levels. He will take office on January. I next year. The election campaign has been deeply divisive. Each camp argued that victory for the other destroy Brazil for more on those are now joined by Joan ship professor and director of the center for London American studies at Shanghai University. Professor, John good evening. Thanks for joining us. Union. Tell us more about jar boss narrow like why is he called Trump of the tropics by some media? Well, as you know, Trump than what he wants to say and. Dougy something which you quite unusual. So narrow. In the same style and Trump in the campaign. I mean, he said all kinds of things which are not accepted by many many people. So so so buzzer narrow is Benin with Toby some Trump on the Trump Trump and all your Trump of South America. So well, we have to see what he's going to do. And what he going to say. So what does narrows Ming for Brazil and Wadi say likely to do once an office? Is a popular saying in Brazil. It goes like this Grenville is a country of the future. But the future is always tomorrow that to say the future never come. We'll preview is a nice country with lots of natural resources and very nice condition for if we cannot ending. But you know, in the past half a century or even longer this country has been suffering from all kinds of difficulties and particularly in the positive over year economy is sluggish crime rates are rising all kinds of things and also corruption widespread so people and the voters I just tired all these kind of currency tracing. And they don't believe that the mainstream politicians are Brazil can deal with you kind of problems who wish someone like narrow can can came make magic or he can be a kind of a major ship that came Q all the disease of Brazil. But who knows what will happen? Do you think he will bring magic to the society to Brazil in terms of economy corruption at cetera. Well, for the time being I believe that we we cannot say he he is not able to achieve something. I think he will put the job of fighting against the crime on Hugh, pop agenda, and he promised the English campaign. And then he might do something about the economy. I don't believe that he can achieve everything he promised in the campaign. But well, just we have interesting what what what kind of policy he's going to pay well actually drive narrow as natives far-right fuller Titian that has risen to power around the world. So what do you think has Vatican is and pull arised the politics in today's world. Yes. I believe that almost twenty years ago when Charles became President Obama's Israel, many people say that that sauce America all the whole region. My My guy. has it been on a C so called a team pink tie. That means the left wing political forces. I'm the right. And somebody say that Europe is walkie was that right? And then Marica at one walking towards the left. But now from that to the left in that region is suffering from big Assefa back, and we can see that particularly in the possible. Yes. Some of the right wing politicians have again the power, and well who who knows what will happen. But I'm not surprised to see that this kind of political ender swings from NAFTA to rise and from writer left in my judgment. Is that almost the today after a time spent on vacation this kind of pendulum would swing back in the fall. So now that just kind of political pendulum is. Switching from Nestle. Right. And I can predict probably in almost twenty years later probably just kind of pendulum will come back again from writers left. Well, this is quite common. Well, actually, be sized to the swing from left to riot. Some has actually compared the choice bitten jar boss narrow end Haddad was Detroit, bitten Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump because the Workers Party governed the country for thirteen years from two thousand three two seven and sixteen but it seems.

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