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And that just happens and there's no follow up but like you know like three hours later three hours of real time leader. We're in the labor camp and sessile is recounting some guy is this guy is like some hero throughout the other slaves and they call him to hear shot kid for some reason. He's a hero because he ran away out. But it's kind of fun. So the song starts with claudio sanchez screaming into the mic. To call back offering of the iliad which was like fun. So this song so kyle. You asked earlier like mad. I think it was like what ab- delirium trigger exists now. A lot of the old songs are on this and remember to. The story wasn't entirely fleshed out and it was also kind of different bag on line. Adventures was a lot different than ameri. Words ended up being so some of these songs in this album. Don't lineup anymore. Case in point there's a line that says still searching for your faith in the arm that killed the president Wilhelm ryan was originally supposed to the president and not the supreme prime age Interesting this is the song with the amazing call and response line. I need mayo. I won't fail you now. Oh my god which is really amazing. It really together when not that. Many people must have read the book at this point. Yeah what the fuck is i need. Mayo mean right yeah. it's it's absolutely wild The next track thirty-three that songs all about patrick for some reason claudio sanchez. Lobes patrick you feel like. I read a thing where like claudio sanchez. Feels like patrick. Got the short end of the stick as like. He drew his girlfriend in a bad area. Got her sexually assaulted and then was just like. Oh it's fine. And then he got murdered like a scrub petric's fine. He got his you like. He doesn't need any more so claudio actually released like an entire side comic asking the question. Nobody asked most patrick doing during all of this. Let's patrick up to more more than i want at this point more that i want to listen to these albums or read the comic. I want to find like archived. Forums of people trying to decipher this. Because this is.

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