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The great best stuff in baseball love to watch him pitch. Just attack the hitters. Trust your stuff. It's really that simple. Or was he strong against Kansas City's last time out the on Ly Tigers starter so far, who has gone six innings in the game? Tigers could use a nice long start from him. First pitch fastball strike to Kevin Newman, who was showing bunt and pulled the bad back 94 in a perfect spot down in a way and Jim against Kansas City. A lot of fastball, changeup combination presents a term I tell you. What in the change, I think is a weapon for him. Now. Understand? Point you look for hard stuff against him. And all of sudden he comes up with a better change up. Watch out. No swinging a tab Foul off the foot of Kevin Newman, four hits for Newman yesterday, just one hit in Game one, but he was in a soft little single to start. But then a couple of line drives double single, then a sharp ground ball single for his four hit day, hitting 2 50 in his 48 at bats. 300 just a little over 300 not much power for the Pirates last year. You know what they have in Fraser in Newman? Neither one though. At the top of the order, draws many walks to get on base. Middle of the infield. Good remit, short scope it second double play Death. The pitch check swing. Did he go? He did not pretty good looking slider, the layoff just off the plate away. This natural movement. Just this great arm release. Good extension. Turnbull's gonna flip over to first base. Fraser has some speed but is really still learning how to use it on the.

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