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Company that's creating a new are toy market augmented reality toy market. Very cool stuff that reveals fantastic worlds by connecting toys and Games and one would think well, haven't. We done that already all the well, not necessarily. But the CEO of augmented robotics is doing just that Tony Nick. Welcome into tomorrow how are you sir, and thanks for joining us. Hey. Dave thank you so much for having me I'm doing very well how you doing I'm doing much about her thanks. We're we're doing well, the the cool thing is that you were of course at IFA in Berlin where we could not attend for the first time and in eighteen years something about the e you not letting us Americans in that and the fact that Christian I recovering from the Rona. So. The fact. That you were there and were able to talk about augmented robotics, what you guys are doing but showed people how you are connecting toys and games I tell us a little bit about. Augmented robotics, the company itself, and then let's get into what you're doing. Sure. Thank you. Well at two. S You already mentioned before our aim is we put toys the next level we want to connect toys with the cool stuff that kids know from their computer games and the best is they don't have to stay inside actually to enjoy the games that they're used to. They can go outside actually in the nature with our favorite toy and experience those fantastic worlds. In augmented reality around their favorite toy in the end, and that's even better because now you're encouraging the kids to get outside and breathe. Some Nice. Air. And enjoy. Some physical activity perhaps even though they're using augmented reality, it allows them. It sounds to me to kind of immerse themselves in the game where they couldn't before. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. This what we're trying to to encourage the kids you know, take that creativity their daydreams in the end you know, and we after technology to put these daydreams into reality everywhere wherever they are. They can enjoy those amazing games we favorite toys. And maybe just to explain a little bit about our company augmented robotics, we're actually spinoff of the Technical University of Maryland. Yeah. So it's really a techie come I. Remember we passed the Technical University every year every day to and from the hotel and the fairgrounds. So we're very familiar with one day. We'll have to go inside and actually see what's there but apparently folks like you are there. Yeah. Yeah. It's a creation diversity. Seriously, I can only commanded like. Most of my co-founder, actually all of my employees, unstudied mass and Space Engineering. So what we did, there was building rockets. Lights and Mask Rovers so it's a great place to be. So you're telling me Tony that rocket scientists actually started this company. How did rocket scientists get into toys and games or was it a pretty logical step to say, Hey, look at the stuff we're doing it's it can be considered toys and games, but on a much higher level, let's actually do it. Yeah Yeah. Exactly. It's very good question actually well, you know as we Grew up in the environment of aerospace engineering. We also worked with drones a lot and we had privately hobby projects actually on the side my co founders of Guinea and click and me. and. What our side hobby project was to create drones with a our content. So we wanted to have like virtual drowns like spaceships next to us and fight each other in the air can. Seem to be a bit too difficult in the beginning. So we started little Taika. And we figured out. It was already a lot of fun actually doing that little prototype and then we went to the toy industry and say, look at our little prototypes. This something you would be interested in actually and they got huge is. I. Definitely. We want to integrate technology into our products and this was basically start off. As. So. Then how is it that you integrate I mean can you give us some samples or ideas? How how what the kids might already be familiar with and you're taking it to that next level. Sure. Sure. Sure. So imagine you're having a radio controlled toy that you're that you're used to from your childhood like a car something. What you could do is just like drive forward backward left right or whatever. And that's it. Without technology you can maneuver. Casts your smartphone and you see virtual objects in a real environment like coins to collect our treasures or like obstacle sensor on. And you can even play it with our kids. So you can shoot virtual tattle set each other and so on. So it gets leading it a layer of mall content around the already existing ties very can do you like I can show you a video. Please would be awesome gives we would like to get a better idea of how it all works here. Okay. Let's. Let's have a look at this video. Mario. Yes. And what you're doing is you put our little device and a tub. These able to control with your smartphone. And then as you can see actually now, you can collect these coins you know. Okay. So so folks that are not yet being able to watch the video at into tomorrow Dot Com listening on the radio you're watching on your phone and able to see Mario in his cart running around in this case, a sidewalk and on your phone, you're seeing coins or various treasures that you would. Pick up in a game that you're able to do at that point which I think is very cool. I mean that that's certainly set you aside from just somebody playing the game and yeah sure. Picking up the coins and whatnot but you actually have in this case of physical toy that's running around on the sidewalk in the house or wherever you might be that I think that's very neat. Yet it's cool and two kids love it. You know we tried it with this many kids and. We always surprised on how they react with it and what they're doing with it. You know who's the kids interact with our products in a different weight, and we could imagine and a lot of fun to watch. The kids play with sure they can get real creative I'm assuming there are two they can Tony I tell you what let's go ahead and play with Mario and his cart for a couple of minutes pay a couple of our bills during a commercial break and come right back. We're talking with the CEO of augmented robotics Tony..

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