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You thought you down looking at the darren dods missed on his for you larry lawyer and mother hannity tonight what else that appear before you no his say sorry anna sue down soon these yes sir sorry then then you know when the makes his worst make dismal formidable his he he would be a word and let me give you more at modderbee bottling happen when you keep it away leg had been widely believed blaisdell philandering omega3 formula i wanna take it away as they hit a legally caught him on like though the eight that would do for the complete without the you know you i wish to say sorry who down zhou i was his sorry who though yeah those are down on me as not going to ward now packed omar close in a move doubt i don't even wanna go to your house every time i must say on that counts i felt like he likes to me of eventually up at the we could have made this work in probably would have figure things out not get some ilet now what is caught sect out but you wanna be friends out okay let's put my face on the pretend now sit around and took about the good sized demag mad me why are you laughing was the mystic joked let me see if i could find a reaction nobody lee sure happy who's that three the we have our super bowl matchup if you are ready for it and a third ego hugo gay annoying what did you think my words super bowl the els wayne the and the patriots win so how interested are you in the super bowl pretty much in all its your oh i wish we would have new teams and but do you really wanna watch plague portals in a super bowl in case keen them i don't know so the drama behind the patriots and then can make full i mean there's a lot of storylines i heard a lot of people yesterday and i don't want to either one of these teams doing to sue but we'll do we glad certainly guided enough of them already and then affiliates why it's kind of harder for philly when you live this area and.

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