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For a two year extension of federal subsidies to insurance companies payments that pr president trump is blocked white house press secretary sarah sanders says it's a step in the right direction but not the healthcare fix the president wants he wants to lower premiums he wants to provide greater flexibility he wants to drive competition he likes the idea of block grants to states those are ally the ideas that he'd like to see and a healthcare sanders says the new healthcare propose also should provide relief for all americans and that the alexander berry bill doesn't do that the us senate is expected to vote thursday on a budget blueprint for fiscal year two thousand eighteen the proposal would allow tax cuts that could increase the deficit by up to one and a half trillion dollars over ten years republican senator rand paul is threatened to vote against it most democrats also opposed the gop blueprint but say they would support of bipartisan tax reform proposal that does not benefit the nation's top earners raise taxes on the middle class were increased the deficit secretary of state rex tillerson is calling for an expansion of ties between the us and india tillerson it is is explaining his strategy for the region and talking about closer cooperation with new delhi ahead of a trip to india and pakistan npr's michele kelemen as more secretary tillerson says the us in india don't judge sharon affinity for democracy our nation's or to book your of stability all either side of the glow stanbic writers security of prosperity for our citizens and people around the world he took a swipe at china saying while it is rising alongside india it has done so less responsibly tillerson will be visiting india next week as well as pakistan hoping to get more regional by and disappoint a peace process for afghanistan tillerson speaking at the center for strategic and international studies where he was a longtime board member before becoming secretary of state michelle kelemen.

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