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Forever. That is big knowledged UFO's directly to a reporter did so over the weekend. And this is the report that George Stephanopoulos did all kinds of things that were being said Donald Trump had control of the interview to a lot because one of his. He's doing an interview about his finances, and one of one of the guys in the office coffee, and he says, stop, stop. We don't want it to have the cough cough out of there. So I mean Trump didn't Trump didn't even say excise that from the interviewed George go ahead and put it in there. So he didn't feel bad about saying anything about UFO's. But the question I have is wasn't disclosure a lot of people. Not agreeing. Yes, it was. What do you think? Eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one eight seven seven seven three three one zero one once go to Sam in Kansas Samyong, ground zero. Hope you're doing fine doing. Well, thank you. He kind of blindsided Trump in the one thing that I'd Meyer about Trump is he is brutally honest, you can agree or disagree with what he says, but he tells you what he thinks and sad, his, his way of saying it's disclosure without actually saying disclosed he said quite clearly that he believed his, his navy pilots. So what more do you want? I mean. Don't you think? Without actually saying the word disclosure that he's disclosed that she believes pilots telling. Yep. Particularly, but I got to believe the navy pilots. Well, I think he's skeptical probably about a love the information that he's given. And he doesn't know what to believe or disbelieve, if he's being setup or whatever, that's quite possible. But. He believes pretty obvious. What he believes. Yeah. The thing is that I think that ever UFO show every show, the talks about this subject should be on this, and should ask everybody is disclosure because I don't remember think Truman is probably the only president that I remember in a in a press conference was talking about flying saucers directly. And he says, all we talk about them all the time flying saucers. I remember the interview and I and some people say they heard Eisenhower talk about it. I don't think Nixon talked about UFO's. I know the Ford said he saw Carter said he saw one. But you know that they didn't say that they existed. You know, Nixon never said, anything publicly said stuff to other people. But never made a public announcement and Harry was pretty on the spelling. You know, you never dodge questions he told what he thought. People being. What he thought so? Like about Trump. Nobody's thinking it's pretty obvious. Right. So you would say yes on disclosure for the president that was disclosure when he talked to Stephanopoulos. Opinion. We'll sam. Thank you for that. I really appreciate it. Okay. You take care, take care. Bye bye. Good. Let's go to lane in Wisconsin. Hi. You're on ground zero. On your show, CLYDE. I'm a longtime listener first-time caller. Thank you. A love your show. And I hope that physically doing well -sition. So, you know, you're going to says, so you've had to endure that. Also, it's previously in the air force during writer finish residency he wanted to get to the point. I think that what President Trump was bringing up was that I think that he probably was does believe in UFO's Val wonder if he thinks you're not from earth with that, perhaps, this could be related to whatever happened several years ago when President Obama was still president, and they had a couple of weeks where dignitaries went down, or an article, as you probably know wrote a book, which I'm reading now in is, which is about possible. UFO German saucer connection related to their wonderful, what weapons they had towards any World War to write a book. Read back during residency seventy closer which actually touched on this. The first time ever even heard this type of thing. And then Russia had a documentary that was released years ago that too. So I wonder that. Yeah, I think he may be making some general disclosure, but I wonder if he may be thinks that this is not all world. But coming from German, perhaps, colony in Ourika, an area that is subterranean, while I know that in the interview he kind of says, I think there and then he stopped, and then he started talking about something else because I think that he was going to give his opinion something about. Yeah. That there are probably other weapons exotic weapons, perhaps reverse engineered weapons and, and so he was giving his thoughts, basically because he wasn't fully briefed on the topic. He knew he says, I've read, I've heard he said, I had a briefing on the subject, and that's about all he knows. I think a lot of the time when people think the president's knows something about aliens or. About UFO's. They really don't because it is an intelligence, you know subject. It's not as subject for the president's, you know. I mean he he needs to know. I mean, if we're having an alien invasion, but otherwise, he, he knows about other things rather than knowing about the alien thing. And I think that he basically talked about it as close as he could without, you know, without revealing too much. But what he did reveal his yes, I don't particularly believe in them, but I have to believe my navy soldiers. They have to believe in navy when they tell me something's going on. You know, having contact with air force pilots during my time in the air force, and you had ever mentioned to me about having any counters and never sold. Anything heard about anything actively though, at home, and where I was stationed there was an event back during Eisenhower's time. Found out about after I left the base. Nonetheless. Pilots wines. I knew an air force where pretty straightforward. You know they make things up. You know, even. Enforcement accent, where to collided together. But both pilots survive, I had to take care of it wasn't Holloman Air Force base wasn't that where Jackie Gleason said that he saw? Alien beings was Hallman Jackie Gleason. No, no, no. That was over. At is now Edwards Air Force. Bell. Okay. Would they caught it and Morocco Morocco air force? Marach. Yes. Okay. It was changed to Edwards became more of a test center. I've been having this renaissance with looking up secret bases in secret places. And at the moment, there's a book that I'm looking into about Wright. Patterson air force base, the only facility that hasn't really been disclosed, as the, the landing spot for the Roswell crash, or for the Roswell debris and alien bodies and hanging teen, and all these different things that go on it at that Wright, Patterson Dayton. So I mean this type of stuff you know, brush up on your basis. Raleigh stuff. Oh, stuff is held. Overripe patterson. I've had only been at that base after was Elvis over. So I never had any contact their physicians over there. So I haven't really no one contact with that time. Right. But I would trust, you know, if President Trump has the faith that he does, and his navy pilots that they see something internally films out seeing turn to go along with that, right? Something I don't think they know where it comes from right? So, so I wouldn't be surprised both off world a world. So your opinion. Yes or no disclosure disclosure or no? Yes. Yes. It was a self disclosure. Give the president. I think it's amazing. I think that this should be analyzed by a lot of people body, language, everything, like I said, it's been so long before we've had a sitting president without joking or snickering talking about aliens, and UFO's and openly talking about them. I mean he felt uncomfortable at first, but he got into it and then of the said, well, if we, we'll wait and see when we find out, you'll be the first to know he told George, so there you go. And so I do think he is trying to make some attempt. I think he's probably not very knowledgeable. Maybe that's never been an interesting. Yeah. It may not be an interest of is. I mean he's rich was here Frank. Doesn't care. One thing if I could ask you, you know, when you look at some photographs, and I'm sure you've probably seen some photographs through years, you know, are they truly correct of these org? German crafts, that existed them or Photoshop I think that probably they are. So what a lot of them are bar, real. I think a lot of the Hannah, boo pictures, the head of the craft the flat craft. If flying wing craft the Horta craft all of that, or are pretty much primary designs were taken from the lift WAFA, and they were working in the mountains when they were creating these in a lot of people believe that there was possibly a UFO crash somewhere on the Czech border on the on the polish border, and they were able to get that get that stuff out of there and say there were initially and use their designs and retrofitted. Yeah. Year years now that they could have certainly improved design, and we were still retrofitting after Roswell, too. I mean, I'm not saying that there wasn't alien crash that happened there, it was certainly a crash of some special special aircraft, but it could have been the very same prototypes were being back, engineered after after the war, because it was forty three when the Nazi scientists came over Wernher von Braun and several others. And, you know, they were at Martin Marietta, Boeing all these places in the north west in the first UFO sightings, that happened in the UFO, boom was in nineteen forty seven sightings over Maury island Puget Sound and the others over mount rainier in Washington, and then Roswell happen in Roswell place where everybody talks about. Missile base is close to home and. Was briefly as he was and, and, and right after they were doing quote unquote Star Wars testing. Yep. I mean, yeah, you know, your stuff the history certainly puts Wernher von Braun and a lot of different places in history, where strange things have happened with spacecraft or UFO's or whatever. So I mean, that's, that's part of the, the be intrigue as well. With regard to you. F O's win was the initial information given to humankind to retrofit and back engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft was the nineteen thirties, and nineteen forties, Roswell, and beyond that we had national security changes. Therefore army separated. Now we have space corps. Eight seven seven seven three three one one zero one one that's eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one we'll be back. LA. I'm paul. I know what you're.

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