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This is like the third or fourth email after from here for Dixie all finding a house and well I would love to have shot for this house that I have right now with Hanford or a future house I'm right now not in the market especially the Cleveland area so I'm not sure the hand forgetting can help me out here and obviously these are stock emails for everybody in their system that they just send out from every account so I got a saber as well we didn't get him for Dixon on the show I feel really special that I'm getting consistent emails from him to support being in my real estate needs so we have a similar story DA to this now that I'm getting and I want to bring this up as well I am now getting I would say almost every other day an email from Larry Saka because when don Shula past I reached out to Larry soccer through his website as well yeah and just last week when I got an email from Larry socket which label hello and I open up the house at all right Larry sake you know what never truly have Larry talk on the show no no it's just for whatever company he's he's getting constant updates I think it's a construction company or something and almost every other day of getting a Larry sake email titled hello Sir hello Larry's aka how are you so you're learning well we may not be great a booking guests on the show we are certainly great I'm getting on their newsletter emails I love it you know you want to know where the the show that's most connected to the athletes you care about is it's right here we're getting construction email from Larry's unca and realistic email from had predicted we are in the know we've got these guys years we wanted anytime I think you're just gonna miss you guys are you hurt by this because I I am a sucker for any kind of affirmation so like if I get an email that's that's labeled like that my goal they do care or even like when my phone rings and it's a number that I don't recognize it looks like a real number I'm like this is going to be a good phone call maybe somebody's come with an opportunity maybe somebody needs a high school game broadcast somewhere and ends up being like the Chinese them you know the the global called respect the Chinese embassy asking you for help it Chinese and I get let down when I get my get heartbroken that no one loves me at least you guys to take it in stride and just move on these things hurt me a little bit every time they happen no I'm I'm enjoying it I'm really enjoying that I'm getting an email from Hanford Dixon every four days that is that he doesn't even know exist I really just love it like I will cool got an email from one of my favorite players growing up what what is this yeah I definitely left I would be like a to do the first Larry sake email my immediate rush before clicking open was let's go I literally just said to myself out because I thought we were laying in a casual way lets you know Larry let's go with this whole you don't wanna commercial we have a baby in the middle of this kind of craziness everywhere going on in the world especially here in the states I wake up to an email from one of my favorite players growing up that says how are you doing I'm like oh my gosh this is great he actually cares about how I'm doing right now yeah now that's a rough subject line you're right yeah this tough one hope you're doing well how are you right now I'm doing well right you're just it's a stocky male looking to see if I want to buy land in east Cleveland got it okay all right I'm good self standing by their headlines this morning is Andrew bogus bogus good morning D. A. good morning these ones are sponsored by progressive insurance progressive insurance presents shower sessions half interview half concert all from the shower watch new music videos and exclusive interviews now at YouTube dot com slash progressive D. A. it is been one of sports biggest mysteries for weeks now right there alongside bill baseball figure this out who's going to sign cam Newton and then of course what will Robert Caskey do with his W. W. we twenty four seven belt now that he's a full ball player again we finally got our answer last night on raw Gronk was there minding his own business trying to film the tick tock video when he was savagely attacked by truth if I'm saying that wrong you can correct all our troops wrong had warned all our troops are dead now all right through the last week was warned to leave Gronk alone he didn't leave Gronk alone and Gronk couldn't make him leave him alone last night so now our truth is the W. W. E. twenty four seven champ and again correct me if I'm wrong P. Gronk was the longest running it twenty four seven champ and now that a lost three is run with that belt is now over right and the belt is less than a year old self ticket was worth how many bills by the way are there good when I learned when I love dressing as a kid there were three you were the have you you know you are the champion you were the intercontinental champ and there was the tag team belt yeah now I feel like there's a build for every day of the week but I think the best way to describe it is there's three for each brand they have three for each brand how do they handle have thirty will work I thank of top my head for brands wow save twelve belts yeah oh my goodness wow this is like virtually fall into post season you're back in the day we only had to know the National League west the American League east there is only four teams made the playoffs that's it everybody else is out al expanded playoffs everybody is it three wild card bring a wallet twelve battle to W. W. E. what about eighty W. how many balls they got cooking are they have they have three bills cove actually for Belk all right so that's a little bit more reasonable little bit more attainable it creates it is certain it's kind of like the college football final four don't wanna let everybody in you got to be a legitimate so feels to me that he W. as a more legitimate champion is that fair what they value the belts more which I think is as a better philosophy imparts a concern for bells three belts I think that's enough for me hi okay all right now this is interesting I will say this weirdest tag all on this do you think here Pete because taz is a line now the E. W. do you think he likes fewer belts so that there's more sanctity within the bell I was safe your belts he's also managing again he's he's managing the wrestler that's challenging for the world title and a W. really okay what what wrestler that Brian cage you just started in the U. W. he's a managing Brian Casey yes and his his client is fighting for the title at their next event okay okay this is good to know what what front white groaning like that like you say they don't because I just had I don't want to do this today it and talk about this but I will have to say this what do you mean he's managing them like any computer quite man if Brian cage just winning or not what is as doing managing it I would avoid him moves like what does that even mean I would avoid saying something's wrong because Brian cage is lake is about the size of you and your task is listening right now so I think I think John's in a safe zone which should be what we jump through here yes Brian cage for individual that made a good switch me like a bug I've ever seen in my subject is yes could you put me in a choke hold I basically you know give me a so called starter absolutely he could I didn't choose the field of fake wrestling though ultimately their careers my point is or still scripted for them and the idea that you need a manager what what are you managing I need to know what you're managing coach this is somebody that I could go to Major League Baseball what you're managing a wrestling Pete what are you managing to show sometimes managers are put with certain wrestlers that probably can't speak for themselves on their own terms their problems okay there's an answer she needs somebody to speak for how charismatic in Florence he really this Brian cage I don't know but I'm just tired of the whole schtick with the wrestling okay so if I went back to my wrestling days which is basically in my pre pubescent pre adolescent years in the eighties this is kind of like a manager be like Mr Fuji or Jimmy the mouth from the south yes exactly and and they would manage wrestlers that really didn't speak for themselves micromanage the undertaker member that was pallbearer oh okay that's an easy one to remember okay okay so taxes the pall bearer of Johnny cage right right right away yes private Johnny cater for Mortal Kombat correct finish same difference so I so okay so I cannot guarantee it says at the top of pride cage I can guarantee that task does not like the comparison of being Paul bearer to Johnny cage okay no so okay but this is good also managing means you're kind of a mouth piece mouthpiece hi Matt also yeah yeah he job your best your best friend basically okay that's valuable to me because also wouldn't you say P. that a really good manager that can command attention that has some celebrity could get better roles for his wrestler could put him out there yeah exactly that a lot of the big managers would do that would it would make rest yeah essentially weren't the best but what I want to next level yeah yeah because then there we should makes them breaking news they're not making it better because as with them yeah but the but the fans are the fans all pay eighty eight does this all the time D. A. knows that he takes the exact opposite take to me when it comes to anything wrestling related what is this year yes card the PLO absolutely absolutely do he knows it's going to bother me and actually frustrate me for the rest of the day I am a huge troll I understand that on Twitter I will troll that can people when it comes to wrestling takes a Michelle VA is the biggest troll to me when he takes his down the line series approach and sliding repeat it is solved I'm not taking the bait anymore I refused to throw away okay look you want to take the baby but here's my point that I think are aligned with Pete on and that is that wrestling it appears to me from the outside is is driven by a fan interest in specific wrestlers and if that day if they like you if they find you interesting then your roles your storylines are going to be enhanced and you'll kind of get pushed up with the story writing to title belt title fights bigger events and your manager could make you far more interesting so if taxes are really intriguing personality which she definitely was his wrestling days he has a really big voice in a really big persona and has a lot of followers that could make his client his wrestler Brian cage in this instance more notable have more notoriety and push him up the ladder so I do think there's a value there it sounds like to me just listening to Pete that's growing again that's requesting my counterpoint would be wrestling or EW views Brian cage is that and they want the fans to love them so they put as with him as a manager I don't know I don't know how that works is taz does he hire tazer does the federation please has his manager I think it's a combination W. slow more of a combination of use more of the promoter will will put it together but yes I mean it does have a lot of input in it from what I gather you know input into what he does and that's what you really want and resting and they're only going to build around guys that are going to be popular with the fans if they're not popular they're not on the main storylines I mean also could it be that he's a bit of an acting coach as well that.

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