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Major freeway turn neighborhoods. Into lakes this guy talking ABC fifteen at his house near. Southern and rural said he couldn't get the water out towels. Nothing could stop it it. Started bubbling in running, all the way through my house, plus we're hearing from one of those. Boys struck by lightning El Mirage earlier this week now the top story here's Jayme west valley needed rain but maybe not, quite this, much overnight KTAR Jim cross is live in timpee Jamie sixty to ninety minutes. Two, to four inches of rain in Tempe sky harbor for example usually gets two point seven one. Inches for, the entire, monsoon June through September now, more thunderstorms are likely tonight they're looking at about, a forty percent chance of that issue servant Randy survey the climatologists they issue told, me guys encourage what are seeing so far out the Boston especially recently expect more, rainfall to continue across the. State Well into the fall and he says. The increase, in tropical, storm activity which helped fuel, last night storm bodes well for China's rainfall for, the next several weeks why deputy Jim cross KTAR news Thanks Jim here's detour Dan keep an eye on the roads some of them very muddy this morning he's in. The valley Chevy dealers traffic center But that's the weekend coming on Oh yeah it's. Coming down double digits on us now eastbound ten ninety, nine? Th avenue a wreck off right that's the end of. My, crash list for the freeways wow ever the surface streets really ugly because of the. Closures and it's all storm related we blame it on the storm Roosevelt and Osborne closed Miller to. Hayden road in, both directions there but you know if you stick with the main milers you're. Not affected, by that at all I mean you stick with mcdollar Thomas and you're good to go Scottsdale road. That is closed your valley road the pinnacle peak, and Pima, road's closed from Princess the legacy both of those for lines down from the, storm a couple of days ago and we've still got right times nineteen minutes coming across the seventeen, from Peoria down the nineteenth avenue. Twenty minutes on the westbound tents you're to Santan.

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