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Show he's mike wilson i'm andy dorf and so much to get into on the door fund sports weekend edition manny pacquiao does it again at forty taking nate thurmond out of his misery and giving him his first loss of his career edwards outlast dosa panels this guy shane lowery is killing the field at the open open championship will be holding up the claret jug i believe sill he's got like a five shot lead right now <hes> so much happening in the sports world kyle korver joining milwaukee bucks i told you there right back at it this next year don't don't worry about what everybody else is doing sometimes staying pat staying pretty close to what you were may be the best thing in world but a ton of things going on in the sports world got a welcome in tag-team partner and crime mike wilson good morning mike already buddy i'm doing really good i was wondering how long it was gonna take it a mention korver could when i saw that yesterday the house like as a great for them it is a good agreeing what it does is it continues that theme of having the spacing on the floor surrounding you honest with those shooters they've got two sets of brothers on their team with the honest and his brother the lopez brothers that's gotta be history right there i mean come on now this milwaukee bucks thing there's something real there's something special and trust me man they're gonna be right back at it next year i hear the music we gotta take a pause for the 'cause we're we're just getting loose getting warmed up we're gonna talk a lot about what's going on there at the open championship because no tiger no phil no rory we're not missing at least i'm not missing him but anyways we're just getting started he's mike wilson amador fit is the dwarf or foxsports weekend edition will be.

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