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B M English speaking radio channel presents beaming leash word of the day. My name is prejudice. And I'm your host for this episode. You are listening to episode number sixty three of seasons. Three. Today's word is sluggish. The meaning of sluggish is slow moving or inactive slow to respond ought to make progress. With beaming leash speaking radio channel, learn venue would every day and impressed the world in this English cabinetry lesson you learn how to use the word sluggish via. Sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English cab lady, and speak English, fluently and confidently. Sluggish is spelled as as. U G G. I S H. The woods luggage refers to something that is moving slowly or not making progress. For example, we may say that the growth often economy is sluggish listen carefully. How we can use the woods. Sluggish in eight different situations in eight different sentences. Example, number one of eight do you agree that today mobile phones and electron gadgets have made a communication fast based but in earlier times people would write letters to each other which would take days to reach naturally. The pace of communication on those days was sluggish. Example, number two eight Daniel would often be sluggish in the mornings. He was unable to concentrate during his glasses. His mother consulted. A child specialist who advised ho to give him a wholesome breakfast. This really head Daniel to overcome his sluggishness. Example, number three of eight when a river origin from source, which is at a height comes down with full force. However when it reaches a plane area the flow becomes sluggish. The surrounding land becomes for tight due to the slowing down. Example, number four of eight Harish was a special child and he needed both attention for learning in school, his father Quested his school to arrange a special educator for herash bed response was sluggish. Ultimately, his father met the school trustees, and they promised the necessary action, retrain English learners in Kabylie development in our advanced English fluency cost at training centers in Rome by but don't you worry? If you don't stay Mumbai, the have an online English ruined. It goes for you to to know more. Visit our website WWW dot Liam consultants. India dot com. Example, number five eight the residents Niyazi show witnessed some criminal activities and immediately deported to the police station, the police visited the area and carried out a raid. However, the citizens were not happy since they found the action to be sluggish. Moving onto example, number six of eight. The sluggish moment of traffic on MG road is due to the ongoing road. Repays Glenn has to leave her home half an early in the morning. So that she can reach office on time one's done. That depends result in brisk means fast movement of vehicles moving onto example, number seven of eight Mr. Yadav, suffered an attack of paralysis this affected, his facial muscles, and hence, his speech has become sluggish. The doctors are Optima stick, which means they are hopeful that he will make a full recovery. In a year's time example, number eight, the managing director of the company called an urgent meeting of all business heads. He expressed his concern about the sluggish performance of the company folded. Market conditions were adverse he wanted everyone to put in the best efforts today. We learn the woods luggage, which means slow moving are inactive slow to respond or to make progress can you frame three sentences with sluggish and type in the comments box. We are waiting the ash show. This lesson has had to boost your English vocabulary and speak fluent English. You can download the script of this episode and all episodes from WWW dot Liam English. Speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new English cabinet lessons. We are on a mission to train one grow Indians in English fluency. This was a number sixty three of two hundred being vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly note that we will be sharing one vocabulary episode daily at six am Indian standard time. So me tomorrow at six o'clock with the new word to then take care.

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