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Winning the Super Bowl title. That eventually did that. It's unbelievable thing in moment at that. We all watch thinking. Perhaps this could be a major issue for Kansas City for them to be productive to win games. Without Patrick Mahomes the best player in the league wind up being the of the big growth moment to get them to this point is is exceptional to hear our Eric the enemy and all these interviews since the Super Bowl because we don't hear from them that much I mean weekly we do if you're the local media but you don't and I find him to be so intelligent and interesting and insightful Just in terms of you know from around the League and the respect that he's gotten from calling this offense. What are you here well? This is a crowning moment. This season for the enemy. He's seven head coaching interviews in two years and I got a chance to speak with him recently. He doesn't WanNa talk about that but he wanted to talk about how even last year when they lost a New England he told those guys in the locker room savor this moment. How you feel right now you feel uh-huh crummy we're going to translate that to next year and we're going to build some perseverance and they're gonNA get through it and so he tried to set a tone? He went through this with Andy Reid. He knows he's in a great. It's bought and he told me. Look I have the most coach quarterback in the League and Patrick Mahomes. He said he can get into his a s and everything is still good personally. Yes yes sir. No Sir and it was funny. I talked to his agent. Brian Levy. Who told me that next year when he goes into his interviews? He's GonNa have the fat ring they're going to have to look at. I loved that. And it's and it's true and and and it has to change the market for him. You have to figure at this point. What else can he do at this point to get the attention that he can do this? And you know I I look forward to seeing where he winds up landing. Because I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of people call in so I hope you guys love looking at parade video. Do It's very hard to host the show because I keep wanting to see this year. Yeah exactly I want to see what trump is Kelsey is wearing. WanNa see if he's going to try to beat out his brother but there's they've they've come a long way this season but after losing the Super Bowl. Where do they go now how they appear to be built for success well into the future but the last five? NFC champions have yet to make it back to the conference championship game. Think about that. The rams remember they burst onto the scene in two thousand eighteen thirteen and three record in the super bowl showdown against the pats. They went nine and seven this past season placing third in a tough. NFC West Division. The Eagles they struggled we saw them get bounced back to back the last two years. Then the Falcons left the Super Bowl fifty one with that bad taste in their mouth and since then they've made the playoffs just once losing to the eventual super bowl with the eagles and for the Panthers also may just one playoff appearance since their super bowl run and even worse they finished last in the NFC south twice in. That's Batman this has. It's nothing but bad news and then the sea hawks have had maybe the best success of the group making the playoffs four times since their super bowl appearance in two thousand fourteen but like the others they had yet yet to advance past the divisional round. So I really think we can say the moral of the story is it is so hard to get back after you've had so much excess. After one season so coach staying with this negative attitude that we have here. You are somebody who has coached since three super bowls. You've lost three you. You want one right though shoot. Sorry coach Burn approve here. You're on the losing side. That rope comes up pretty well. You're you're are champ here. I think that that being said though so you you hear this would easy about the next season that makes it so difficult to get back there or big. It's really it's it's tough on either side. I mean being able to repeat what Kansas City is going to be facing but Especially in the. NFC You look at that and really sense. Seattle people have really struggled. There's not been a dominant team in the NFC a little bit like there has been in the AFC just like with. The Patriots has done over the last decade so there is a little bit of a popcorn affected the NFC last year it was the rams this year shoot. Same Division is the forty niners. So the really isn't that dominant team in the NFC. So it makes it that much harder and mentally tough. I mean the season's shorter all of a sudden a month behind everybody. It all your decision making and everything you do That that hangover takes. I want to get rid of. Yeah and I think sometimes we overlook it and our fans here and they think that's just a bunch of Baloney but it's really a it's a real thing when you talk to coaches and players about about what that's like the next season after either coming off a win or a loss so losing team here Adam. You know. There's some coaching staff. UPDATES actually already. What do we know what could possibly be happening? Both sides of the ball Diana the defensive side of the ball the forty niners are prepared to lose Joe Woods to the Cleveland. Browns Joe Woods has been their defensive backs ax coach. He's poised to become the Cleveland browns defensive coordinator. That's something. The forty niners have expected for a few weeks. Now no surprise there and on the offensive side of the football bowl. They're passing game coordinator Microflora. The brother of the Green Bay packers coach Mala floor. He'd been working on an expiring contract. But during the postseason he signed A contract extension with the team and so the forty niners really will be retaining their offensive staff. They'll lose Joe Woods from the Defense of staff and we'll see what direction they decide to go to replace him but the losses should be minimal considering that they were the NFC champ and advance to the Super Bowl. Adam thanks so much for that Germany any anything else that you're hearing coming out. Addison Francisco and in terms of this coaching staff. Any other changes that you think. Yeah so like most of the staff is going to stay in place. The only wildcard here Joe Woodsy might try to bring one guy with them. Maybe Chris Kiffin. WHO's their pass rush specialist but I see seahawks light a little bit as far as sustainability? I mean this is a really good roster most of the front seven coming back a few defensive pieces they have to resign. But you know you have Kyle Shanahan. Who's really considered the best play caller in the entire league when you talk to Around other teams and they just they need an outside receiver like number one other. The consistency is so important for teams to continue building and continue working on what the ultimate goal is going to be. You've been on teams before the have had to make changes every every season. How difficult is it when you have to make those changes compared to when when you can stick with the guys you got continuity really helps a lot every year in the national football really why? It's so hard to carry on. Success is as you develop different personality. It could be on your coaching staff. Could be in your locker room on offense or defense Just on stay the same anymore with free agency and how competitive it is so you know how fast you can reestablish that and the fewer changes you can make better off you are changes. Change is not good situations. Yeah yes exactly. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation nation of doers. What's my Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business this from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving health care and public schools schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Might Bloomberg knows how to leave to build to deliver into. He'll win tonight. This country Mike. We'll get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to to deliver on the promise of the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty. That's right the XFL kick things off on Saturday with two games first Seattle in D. The clock eastern on ABC followed by L. A. and you said at five o'clock Eastern. So he missed football lucky for you because the new league is getting started ended and we now welcome in Oliver Luck the CEO and Commissioner of the XFL. And you know we know that this league is all about quality football for the for the love of the game this week. Well I love the fact that a new league is being created in the unbelievable entrepreneurial. Spirit that permeates this country Vince. McMahon of course our founder and our visionary He's put up the resources. He's allowed me to go out and hire some great head coaches to sign some really good football players. Were playing in great stadiums. What I love most about it? You can come to a game with a ticket twenty dollars twenty dollars sitting the lower bowl at metlife life or at centurylink Field Seattle. Any of our great venues. So something fun UPTEMPO football. Who can be upset about having more football any the time when there really isn't any yeah and not only? Is there not a time for life football right now but it's just so expensive to any sporting event on any level so to here's that it's that cheap to just get your family together and just go ahead out and watch good football with some great players out there. One of the biggest questions. I think the people want to know is how. How does this work in terms of the differences and the similarities to the NFL? What what's been response to that? So we basically took what is already a great great game professional football and we've added a couple of innovations that we think make just a little bit better so the game itself will very closely resemble what you see in the NFL. It's eleven on eleven for we're down same size field there's kickoffs and Cetera but we do have a few twists for example. I know you you you like this one as well You know you score a touchdown you get six points. That's great that's tradition. We all get that but our league. You have an option to go for one to go for two or to go for three. They're all plays from scrimmage no kicking from the extra point that's all strategy Diana that's all strategy and what are we as fans liked to do like the second guests. A coach in the decision coach makes so we've added some twists Within our game to make that fast paced UPTEMPO that fans tells they wanna see. I'm with you on that. That is one of my favorite changes to this Is there another ruled. All that when you immediately turned the game on that maybe a little jarring at first that you can think of well I think the only thing that will people will see as they as they begin to watch. Watch aside from the kickoff which is different kickoff visiting. It's safer but we think we'll get a lot of kickoff returns and fans tell us they liked kickoff returns. That's one of the most exciting plays football but the most consequential chain remade is the is the twenty-five second play clock Forty seconds in the national football league. Twenty five seconds in our league. Art Teams are going to have have to play fast but we've given them some technology to help them play fast. For example the coach calling the offensive plays is not just communicating with the quarterback who has an earpiece in his helmet. He's communicating with the entire skilled players. Offensively that around the field so that should help us. And we've tested this and training camp in our mini camps. That should help us play a good competitive football but with a good flow to and a lot of communication which I feel. I could be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how they're going to manage it which I'm interested to see how this work if it's if it's even worth having all that communication but again it could just add to. It's almost like playing madden really for for for the head. Coach's the point is that the communications not shut shut off when the ball is snapped which is incredibly smart head. Coach could continue to give.

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