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And then when they don't make the call and, you know, you see them go off the ice in Meru, or whoever was slamming their stick and Bennington. And it's it's a bad look. Right. And the team is on glued. And if you listened to Pat Aranjuez after the games, the captain, and he's saying, well, it's obvious. There's one rule for one team in one rule for everybody else. And it's easy to situation like that for a team to become unglued. And, you know, as we talked about earlier, Saint Louis never wavered. They got back on the path and it's just the latest in an incredible job. And you know, it's really interesting to me, you know, I read a lot of haute leadership like most people do. And I try to set a good example for people. And I, I try to think I'm a good leader for people, but I believe just for me more than anyone else. I've always believe the best leaders are no BS types who simply say, this is what I need you to do. And you always know that they have your back and if you don't do what you do. There will be consequences. If you do it, you're supposed to do there's going to be rewards. And he's not a phony, and he out works. You like the best producers I've ever worked with I've always noticed there, there before I get there. And they're, they're when I leave the because, you know, wow. You know that guys our leader for the group and or that woman's our leader for the group. And they're working harder than anyone else. They are there. They are working. I just think that Greg Baru bay like so he got fired in Philadelphia. And I believe interview in buffalo, when they hired Housley. I don't know if you interviewed anywhere else he wasn't on anyone's radar. He wasn't a hot coaching candidate. But you watch this guy. Jeff, and all he is, is I always ask, what I watch coach. Can I play for that person? And I look at that guy and all he is, is do this, and you do it right? You play do this and do it wrong. You. Don't play and remember that game in Winnipeg when he was yelling at the jets and players were like our coach. He's tough guy. He backs us up to me. It's simple. But it's the most effective leadership like every player with Craig ruby knows where the line is. And if they cross it there's gonna be consequences. But if they do their job, and they work he is going to back you the end of the earth. Okay. I'm going to kind of go around the block on this one. Okay. We second, you know where else Craig Baru interviewed where Mannheim, the German league. That's right. Didn't end up getting the job. Okay. The ended up going to Sean Simpson had some success in a long history. Of course you, you understand that, but the interesting thing there is the owner of Mannheim is gathering, Daniel hop, who's in his late thirties, as I am told a really obviously, an intelligent person, but really good hockey operations guys. Well, he's put together. Fantastic program in Mannheim, his father Dietmar Hopp was business partner with so Plattner. They formed in a garage. SAP SAP. And now Craig ruby has just eliminated a team on SAP. So there you go. There's my around the block trying to weasel my way into a thought twenty-seven on thirty one..

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