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Uh or maybe we what or maybe we will i dunno i dunno i don't know what to expect from this month because this his new and i'm kind of excited oh i don't i just jump in by saying the first of our five horror guests and his film guys today we are joined by critic and host of the podcast cancelled too soon which is this really crazy funny podcast where they talk about super super super super old tv shows that only got one season or less and are really weird like i've been hearing some of the epa says it and they're crazy films you'd oh crazy movies and they're crazy tv shows that i had no idea ever existed so you are doing a great service to us enter that built up hello whitney sampled thank you for having me yeah of canceled too soon as is really a gas when especially when we stumble upon something that we had no idea existed before the the serve crown jewel in our collection right now is the one hundred lies of blackjacks savage which was an abc series from the early nineties and though just reading the premise was enough to get us to watch it it's a show about essentially donald trump a donald trump type character who flees whitecollar crime goes to an island in the caribbean buys a castle that has haunted by a black pirate ghost and he in the black pirate ghost team up with essentially a night boat it's like a cyber super boats to solve crimes on this little caribbean island that makes perfect sense i could hold him hedging have him fit and that this was like a michael eisner dream trailed he introduced each episode quite we here is that the sla 1991 i believe and this this was they put a lot of money behind this thing and i guess a.

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