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I think it's fascinating that the private sector is now so deeply involved in pumping trillions of dollars into the space industry because when the private sector gets involved that's when you can really have economies of scale and private individuals allocating billions if not trillions of dollars would help leverage and change the narrative of that. Then we can focus on vertical farming. Because that's what we need to do in order to survive in space and now would deeply impact our lives here so maybe we're not wasting as much water to do the farming and i know i have clients in south africa that are dealing with a massive water shortage and things that have been developed for potential Marshon habitats have been used in south africa. And i think they only use one or two percent of the water that's necessary in in regular farming so the military and the government pays the way the private sector takes over and gives it a bit more scale pumps more money into it and engages the public on maso level to get everyone's interest end and inspiration e. I love that well space. Vip also offers many other experiences in addition to these space experiences from deep sea. Dives too as you were saying the space simulation training exercises so tell us about a few of those. Yeah we like to call those space adjacent experiences in one of the coolest ones That we have is the dive to the mariana trench which is the deepest point in the world's oceans about thirty six thousand feet below. It is a three day experience. Where you fly into guam you get on a sixty meter research vessel and you sail for about twenty two hours to the point and then you get into this incredible titanium unlimited depth Submarine and you die for four hours to the to the bottom of the ocean you spend another three to four hours Almost in darkness. Obviously because it's it's so deepen. The light doesn't penetrate there but each one of those dives and there's only been about twenty one or twenty two people that have done this in the history of time..

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