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Ya I tend to feel like you know. I think that was subtly done with smackdown a little bit the last time and i think it works in terms of building people. You know that's built a lot of people Doing things that way And and i think you might. I think you'll have a scenario where smackdown is a little heavier on stuff for hard cores and rosza a little heavier on stuff for mainstream. But i don't think that. I don't think they'll be dramatic. I think the roster will be different. But i don't think that they'll be dramatically split like that. Because i don't think they would want at least at the beginning one to be an asia. Wanted to be a b- show. I don't think they want want to be a cool show and wanted to be a mainstream show like i don't. I don't think that they want that vibe. I think they want to franchise shows and yeah like i personally. Like in my. If i were doing it. I would rather see roman and sina an rawlins all on raw and that could be what happens in have Aj and Ambrose and those guys on smackdown so in that respect. Yeah maybe you wouldn't have as much mainstream credibility on smackdown. But i don i i. I think that there's going to be a pretty solid mix on both shows. I don't think one show will be a new era and one show. I don't. I don't think they'll do that because i think that the they'll be too protective of raw to let smackdown become the cool show or too protective of their network relationships so at smackdown be perceived by anybody as it'd be show. Yeah and i think that the hope is that. Maybe vince would be in this kind of occur on raw to It doesn't have to be on smackdown that there's gonna be some guys. That vince just goes. I don't get it but go for it. You know to the writers and stay out of their way. And i think there's just a feeling that you'd be less likely to do that on raw. Maybe a little more willing to back on but the thing is kevin. Don vince mcmahon. They they believe they know what what is the best way to present what they call sports entertainment and why. I think vince his mind. And this is a hard thing to get past for fans realize why would vince. Let's something be done a different way. Because the way he does things is the way he thinks. It's the right way to do it. And it's gotten him to where he is and it's what he's promised. Usa network and what. They're paying you know what usa networks paying for has been vision so for him to just step away and go all right now. Let's have this. Petri dish called smackdown where somebody gets experiment with a bunch of other things. That's hard to imagine being done all at once right away. But i'm kind of hoping each show ends up being different like letterman leno or or or co bear and john stewart that there are people who watch both shows but they're glad there's two different hosts with two different flavors and a little bit of a different sensibility and i think just in the announcing teams. You can get that with marlin all over since michael cole But the more separate they are the better. You know what i mean. 'cause they will inevitably. They're going to develop their own personality if they have their own writing teams in their own announced teams. Completely distinct separate roster. And i do think too that Vince will naturally pay less attention to smackdown. Especially as time goes on like. I think that that will happen like i. I don't think that that he's going to be. Oh probably eventually give smackdown over to somebody else. I would imagine Ars it's mike mcmahon from the all elite after show every week andrew so and i breakdown. Aew on our free. Pw torch podcast. We've been doing this show since two thousand sixteen that's right. We're on our fifth year when we started this show back then we were talking just impact wrestling and we still talk about them from time to time as well over the years we've branched out to also discuss m l w and of course the main event of our program which is always the latest going on in e w again the show was called the all lead after show with me mike mcmahon and my partner andrew so check you can check us out as part of the pow towards daily cast lineup. You can subscribe to our show in all the daily cash shows just by searching p w torch on any podcast app and of course you can listen ad freeth. Pw torch vip membership. What what are the reasons. I'm optimistic about the roster. Split being done better than it was done in the second half of the last nine year experiment of sorts is that smackdown is on usa. And it's live and around the same that rookies raw and it's not pre-tape when the when when then you know when smackdown watched it was because it was on broadcast television and upn was. Was you know it wasn't abc. Cbs nbc fox. But it was still it was a it was at a time and being a broadcast network meant more than it does now and upn was was backed by some good people and had some good shows and it just felt like a bigger deal. Let's treated equal. Let's rock there austin. Here let's put cena there and you know just but over as a pre taped show when you are exhausted on tuesdays. Your franchises raw. That's struggling compared to the attitude era. Let's load up raw. Smackdown ended up getting kinda back you know. Jbl bilas champion. Let's be honest. Or eddie guerrero for that matter was not. Vince mcmahon thinking. Oh yeah this is my aco. I think there's because of those two factors it's on the same network usa and it's live the re the reasons that smackdown kind became a be show. Before i think are not there now the only difference now is the raw has a little bit more of a history within the first born In a way and it's three hours not to and and i don't know how those will play out if at all 'cause smackdown it's a little bit more clearfield because it's not up against monday night football For you know eighteen or so weeks a year or the college football championships so away smackdown might become the the ratings juggernaut that vince wants to wants to feed To get back into six to nine level if If you so fortunate yes he has an where smackdown which couldn't happen before smackdown could become the main show it could be the most watched show and therefore i think it would keep vince from from reverting to treat and raw as his favourite firstborn child and instead treats them more equal And even if that means less involved in smackdown and still is working really hard to get ratings up. I could still see him not sabotaging smackdown or his hand on the scale towards raw. But letting the both kinda thrive over time and it's a fascinating story to watch that incentive. Isn't there when it was on sci fi or the cw and it was pre taped to treat it as a b. Show that those. Those factors are gone and usa and they got a new tv. Deal coming up. If you're down the line they want to be. In a strong position and usa executives want to give him equal ratings on monday. There's no reason they shouldn't be. I mean if you johnson exclusively on smackdown. I think expectation is those ratings. We're going to go up and they're going to go up to raleigh levels pretty quick. Yeah yeah i. I didn't call Paul wants to know he says..

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