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No or feel that you're going to lose and and by the way mccain did not lose by that much he got the same percentage of the popular vote as donald trump yeah they both got forty six percent it's i know i know at what happened in this election a lot of people don't realize it is that there were a lot of third and fourth and fifth party votes that were cast in any event i appreciate your perspective mark and i appreciate the exchange let's go quickly to kristen in albany oregon you're on the medved show right you know i am a senator mccain certainly not one of my favorite in congress that i wake him for recovery and all of that um i have to disagree with you i'm now there's a big difference between going after someone eden woon woman i can add on on the other hand now bill so gray hair at your baker giving them a burden and you know what john mccain gig kind thing garrett one i'd pay as again that will act it is simply if if you go back and you look at the debates where he debated fairly ferociously particularly the debate on foreign policy noone at any mistake about the disagreements between uh obama and mccain which you didn't have visit tax on the president's character or on senator obama's character and i do think that character attacks and the focus on personality over policy is a political mistake and i think that's part of the problem with the trump interview will get to it meanwhile a quick word from relief factor this came in from sherry johnson in michigan i husband was researching on the internet of ways to ease might paint in both of my hips and it was just a point where i couldn't even hardly walk so we ordered in it chuck about eight five date of the on it oh my gosh i don't even feel like i have any problems whatsoever i thank you with all all of my heart this product is amazing and i and so so thankful but he'll be thankful to really factor usually kicks in an starts working in three four or five days get a three weeks apply it's called a.

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