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Good evening forty four degrees at seven o'clock on this Sunday the twenty second of December Donavan and here's what's happening it's up in mid town falling ice for several city blocks to be closed today will some officials are pushing for drones to be used to find dangerous damage on high rises tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and there's someone or lighting in Jersey city outside the kosher market that was the scene of a deadly mass shootings keeping an eye on the online activities of convicted sex offenders governor Cuomo wants to force them to share all their screen names with authorities for social media dating apps and gaming sites as well and more now of an interesting collaboration for the Super Bowl for an ad that is Pringles will release pickled Rick potato chips that has to do with the show Rick and Morty an adult swim will explain in wins accu weather low thirty six to nine clear skies in mid town then a nice winter day tomorrow high fifty one with sunshine this is the orders go it's Daniel Jones through five touchdown passes to help the giants beat the Redskins in overtime forty one thirty five the jets held off the Steelers sixteen ten the Rangers eyes the ducks five one wins news time seven oh one from the ram trucks traffic center here's Gloria chop up Grand Central heading eastbound at a hundred maybe a street got a crash taking Idoling OB gyn B. Q. ego honest combo is heavy from flushing Avenue to the battery tunnel end down the slope from about to land take Avenue here's what we see on long island's big three looks like everyone staying home for the holiday LA E. north St so the state are all very quiet westbound cross Bronx there's a racket White Plains road and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the George forty to forty five minutes and about fifteen to twenty minutes south bound Lincoln thirty five minutes and fifteen alcohol in this twenty minutes about fifteen outbound the gospels as a fifteen minute wait going in the Staten Island the Verrazano is so on both levels in the Brooklyn the Brooklyn Bridge as usual very heavy going into Brooklyn there is an accident coming off of the RFK bridge going into queen so that's just before the B. QB and the white stone bridge in the queen's is also slow on the span traffic in transit every ten minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alerts when ever they happen I'm Gloria top on ten ten wins air him didn't take you to paradise wait for our air service flying the cation years in business people alike to locations on the east coast including Martha's vineyard Saratoga springs the Hamptons Atlantic city Nantucket bar harbor Boston anymore just call eight hundred five one six forty four thirty or visit air Hamptons dot.

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