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How's it going great gan- what's on your mind. Oh just first off one to say Bucks and six tonight and then second Let's stop giving fire to Adam schefter that that's gotta end guy Inside information is terrible. 'cause i have some real stuff for you all right so We all know. Rogers paid for his golf membership at the private course. Green bay His house is being cleaned tomorrow. Deep clean waiting for his arrival and he just paid for his hangar His private hangar at the airport in green bay. How long do you have to pay for that. Hanger renewed every year also but but is it is for a year that he's going to have his private hangar. There correct all right. Well thank you bread. And i appreciate that yeah. I don't know how this ends. I don't and bread has had some information for us here. The golf course. That is true up. His reupped is membership. There i don't know about the deep cleaning at his house. But if shefty reports this in two minutes i'm gonna i'm gonna throw the flag on On shefty and i'm hearing greenie. I'm hearing that Aaron rodgers is having a deep cleaned unto his house. There where you can deep clean it. If you're going to sell it right course you can twist it anyway. You want preparing for a sale staged right now. Oh okay. I love it. It's it's just. I hate it but there's part of me that that loves it because there's always like just give me things to talk about but i want i want legitimate things to talk about. Not i'm hearing sources close to me. Even though brenton wisconsin right he Renewed his airplane hangar and golf membership. And he's having his house deplane. Okay fine with that. Brett just gave us the cousin of another definitely going to the city their wife was. They're looking at schools something. There's always that report. Like lebron definitely going to the sixers hit they were. They're looking at schools for the kids. That is true. That was big deal at all. This happened yeah you know. I'm hearing somebody. I know said that they saw an shop for houses. Let's take a break last. Call phone calls what we learn. What's in store tomorrow in..

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