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Yeah before that anyway so my feelings about toma quite complex i say a huge fan and some stuff happened but it's caused me behan with it i still i have i guess the embers on fully extinguished but it's no longer the roaring flame that it once was you understand what i'm saying absolutely up anymore when i see him yeah well i have something similar happened for me you know the flames died out a bit and then you know a wind came sounds super fawzi say sounds very very very fawzi a wind came through a room voice a little breeze emperors you know came back to life so we're gonna talk about tom hilson how we discovered him how we grew to see him and then how we grew to unfussy and then slowly make the journey backup it's like kilimanjaro like i feel like i've got my my little my gear and i'm just kind of like traipsing up out of the mountain like just let me love you you busted making me hate you but it's fine because we are complex beings and to assist us in this complexity fencing hilson we have very lovely wonderful guest by the name of alana bennett she's a friend and i'll call the care buzzfeed dot home and she's going to come in and talk to us a little bit about what it is that makes them hit such a dream but even though there's a slight hole in the bottom of the boat we're patching it up batching what we're applying party and we have today.

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