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The players coach which like yeah, and like I look I think that people listen to this podcast will know that like, I have an immense amount of respect for John Calipari and like have home I love the way that they run that program there like it is more players first than most programs. You'll see in college basketball. I do think he cares about wage and I also think he cares about like putting guys in the best position to succeed long-term for their NBA hopes, but like that was fucking Savage song. He's also been known to say that the best of the year is his draft night. So it's a national championship in draft night. But like you gotta at least give Coach Calipari credit for still going to back for his guys. I mean 2 weeks ago, they beat Vanderbilt and he said we need our fans absolutely support BJ. I don't know why anybody would just want to be nasty. If you want to be nasty be nasty to me. It's my fault. Don't be nice to him. You said some horns of everybody. Let let Devin asked you alone when Devin struggle know where to get on them are fans left alone to let him do his thing. Our fans have been been on BJ doing pretty good. They're not nasty. They're not trolls. That's not who they are off. So he's he's still supporting us guys. It's just I'm watching that Auburn game. It's just seems like he's overthinking it like there's a possession the second half. He's on the left wing. He catches the boss was a drive-and-kick. So he's on the left wing Jacob toppings in the corner The Defenders kind of splitting the two of them easily catching shoot obj Boston catch-and-shoot. He hesitates for a second. He takes a dribble in Defender commits to him. He passes the top-end who travels into turnover. It's just like he he can't get out of his head. It's it it made me think of I'm going straight nineties here. You've seen Happy Gilmore, right? Yes. I feel like BJ Boston has to find his happy place like he needs to lock himself in a room watch film himself in high school seed that, wiry Wings score see the consensus number for recruiting the country that was behind Katie Cunningham. Jalen green and Evan Mobley and just be who he is. It's just you can tell he's he's in his head a little bit. He's trying to get out of it and show a better flashes but look five points per game isn't going to get you moved up draft boards either. Yeah, and I mean this raises the question of life. Where would you take BJ Boston right now in NBA draft go man, put my back against the wall. I don't I'm going to cop out and say I don't know because again, we we discussed it a little bit like how much of shades of like the Messier little experiment experience in North Carolina. Do you see with VJ at Kentucky wage? I think it's worse really and I just as like a background know so you're dominated the Adidas circuit. There's all this talk about how well you played against Pros in the off season ends up averaging under ten points per game and under twenty minutes a clip goes 25th overall to Portland. He's not really playing a ton right now. He is with either a bad case of covet for what it's yeah. Yeah can injuries. Yeah. Yeah, but look like Nasir little it's January eighteen Nasir little package dropped twenty one on Elan. So like take that for what it's worth nineteen on Saint Francis. He had eleven against Texas. He had 14 against UCLA..

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