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We'll never miss a moment WTO P news 103.5 FM Traffic and weather on the Yates to Jo Conway in the WTO traffic center Sandy will start off in Virginia on the trip around the bellway no current issues reported the 95 trips South Bend delays leave newington and had most of the way south toward Fredericksburg about a 40 mile or so backup of just bumper to bumper traffic and volume currently known as its reported in a backup and you've got brakes along the way You'll slow again farther south as you leave spottsylvania toward ladysmith this should be all volume for you as well the northbound volume delays begin before spotsylvania carrying you up and stretches all the way towards Stafford where you pick up the northbound running easy pass lanes again no incidents reported Three O one northbound delays beginning to build as you're leaving the waist Asian heading toward a nice Middleton bridge that would be expected If you're on 66 west bound your crashes after an illustrious blocking the right lane still farther west on 66 in about a three mile backup to get to I 81 the crash before I 81 is blocking the left wing of two In fact that's the left wing that takes you to go south on 81 you can get around it and then get on southbound 81 but it's going to pinch things off of it and they're still in the cleanup process there On the Prince William Parkway southbound between hill and Dale wrote in minigo road they were looking for a crash Route one southbound your crash was between one 23 and the Prince William Parkway near Mary's way On the Maryland beltway on the inner blueprint to go northern 85 they're looking for a crash found one on the antelope of prior to 95 after 6 50 New Hampshire avenue believe this blocking at least one traveling to 70 off and on delays out of urbana toward the monocacy I 70 westbound the crash was near 66 the ex of her boonsboro on the shoulder Baltimore Parkway delays northbound leaving the beltway toward one 97 eastbound 50 a brief delay of sandy point to get to and across the bay bridges I'm WTI traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists Michelle Grossman Make sure of setting clouds today temperatures climbing into the low 50s Monday sunny and blustery with winds gusting over.

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