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The stuff on a day-to-day basis and sort of understand where the limitations on the other platforms are did is Google duplex with something that everyone sort of understood stood was important in different so that was last year and that was that was a good indication of the fact that Google has a lot of assets here <hes> that maybe some of the other players don't have at their fingertips so even though they came to the market late <hes> they might be able to catch up in leapfrog in some areas now google duplexes had some issues. I think you know a year later. It's maybe not what it was portrayed to be still significant forget advanced but maybe not as spectacular as as initial is initially tried to lead on so duplex for the Web I think is interesting that goes to the idea that they've got this machine learning and they can apply in many different ways and and I liked and sort of automatically the forms and those types of things <hes> but I will tell you the thing that most impressed me was the on device this year <hes> in partly was the on device performance that the low latency the potential for security benefits fits that we've seen some of that with apple without device with Syria but we haven't seen anything that extensive and the you know having had an opportunity to speak with some of the senior folks in the Engineering Group there who are are different than the other folks that we might deal with on a day-to-day basis in the voice industry <hes> really fascinating what that could lead to over time and it starts to make you think that what we've been doing over the last couple a couple of years as my friend Jan Gilan Might Sane is soon gonNa seem quite quaint <hes> so so. I think we're I think we're we're moving to a place that <hes> we're. We're GonNa see the things that you know. The training wheels approach that we had over the last couple of years is just GonNa get blown away. You know these things really metastasized okay. I thought real sorry real quick. I was just GonNa say I thought it was ironic that the <hes> you know this whole privacy debate because I like you that the whole notion of moving it from the cloud to on the device kind of eliminates the whole well to a degree but it definitely changes the narrative round on Google and <hes> privacy it doesn't they had a great headline about facebook talk his talks about privacy Google just implemented it. <hes> and there were a number of other privacy announcements at I._O.. Were part of that story. I think it was verger tech crunch at that had headlined <hes> but I think the timing of that for them was perfect. <hes> you know we've seen <hes> F._A.. From facebook Julio. And <hes> Apples W._d._c. all with a significant focus on privacy in the middle there we had Amazon announcing some new privacy features voice <hes> deletion of Records and the the privacy center in these things so all the platforms are really really zeroed in on the fact that this is an important topic <hes> maybe a Zeitgeist of the moment that they need to be out in front of and so it's GonNa mentioned to see how much of that actually takes hold as opposed to just announcements but I think it's fascinating all right so we do need to move on. <hes> got just a couple more things to do amy. You talked about something that interested you. SORTA listening back on dozens and dozens of these episodes is the evolution of monetization and you've pointed out episode eleven with that Media C._E._O.. Pet higby <hes> episode thirty five with Stats Shinsegi from dramatic episode thirty seven was facilitation Karanko from the former storyline <hes> which became a vocal and then recently shut down and one of the few <hes> departures from the industry or demise is the we've we've had the opportunity to watch end to end and then I'll throw another there episode sixty without a chick from Alpine day I and previously a voice labs the the sale of that business to head space each of those companies had a very specific perspective around monetization.

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