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On KCBS Antioch is getting its first legal pot shop not everyone is happy about that. On the go. The case to be sportsline. Joe Hughes is in for Kevin the rat warriors making a change their starting lineup before facing the clippers tonight. Steve Kerr had tease this yesterday. But it's not the starting lineup. You you might expect Shaun Livingston is going to get the start over Andrew bogut is the warriors will start small tonight. So it won't be the Hampton five Livingston is played just six minutes in the series so far. So it's a little surprising to see the warriors going small early. The warriors will tip off with the clippers in about fifteen minutes. From now a win tonight. They could wrap up that series and move on to face the rockets in the second round either way the warriors will be playing Sunday. Whether it's a game seven against the clippers or game one of the second round against Houston day, two of the NFL draft the second and third rounds and the bay area teams that finished making their picks for the day earlier in the second round the forty Niners red wide receiver Devaux Samuel out of South Carolina. And then in the third round the nine. Owners have just added to their receiving core again, grabbing Jalen her the wide receiver out of Baylor heard was a former running back with Tennessee before he transferred to Baylor. He's a big guy. Six four two hundred and fifteen pounds as Kyle Shanahan getting a deep offensive threat for Jimmy Garoppolo the raiders made one pick today they traded back with the Jaguars cornerback Trayvon Molin out of Clemson. The raiders have no more pick scheduled and the will move on for the weekend. The San Jose Sharks hitting Ricky for the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They'll host the Colorado Avalanche. That's will get underway at seven pm in the Oakland as are north of the border taking on the Blue Jays tying the game with some late inning heroics. Here's the coach and Grossman. It's at the right field hits it. Well mckinney. Going back right to the track to the wall. He will watch and it's gone in the zip tied it up Robbie Grossman on the first bitchy sees from via genie in the top of the eighth inning. That's where we stand right now. It's to to the game is moved onto the top of the night. The giants getting ready to host the Yankees with Madison. Bumgarner on the hill. Joe Hughes sports at fifteen and forty five on only one six nine AM, seven forty KCBS..

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