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Report nine thirty three Jeff from New Jersey. When at one point five New Jersey one oh one point five progressive presents get inspiration to help you do insurance stuff. Okay. Time out of your budget. Be the boss of you take control with progressive name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay for car insurance. And we'll help you find options that fit your budget. Here's the music to get you pumped. I hear your budget laughing at you. Oh, wait. That's just kids laughing at me. Aggressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and cover tonight's limited by state law. This is firefighter Raphael Pori for firehouse subs. Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory stay crispy fried onions and are rich Belgian beer cheese sauce on tap. For a limited time. Order yours at firehouse subs dot com. Remember a portion of every sub you buy helps them by lifesaving equipment for first responders bio subs joy, more subs. Save more lives. Limited time only plus tax participating locations firehouse subs. With donate. A minimum of one million dollars in two thousand eighteen for firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating point one three percent, every purchase medium and small any size. Hot coffee for one dollar is back and now on McDonald's one-two-three dollar menu. We're talking coffee for true coffee made with one hundred percent arabica beans expertly roasted and freshly brewed it's coffee the way it should be. So all you fans out there. Rejoice any size hot coffee. These back at McDonald's coffee and savings. Don't get any better than this. Participating McDonald's combined with combo meal at massage envy. Membership means more ways to be your best with massage skin care and total body stretch, including new seamy boost six highly concentrated serums that offer skin enhancing benefits to help provide personalized massage experience joint between now and October twenty first and get a free see me boost every.

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