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Zero at with roe creamcolored khaki pants and some maybe perhaps somewhat hot pink stilettos of course tom ford was going to hate that oh and they're like leather they're like weather khaki pair yeah i feel like that was a mistake on her part to wear that to a tom ford fashion because you know that he has opinions and if he doesn't like you he's going to tell it to your right to your fate yeah remember that's the very same wasn't that the very same show that patrick schwarzenegger was that clearly where he was getting the numbers of the were modeled after wear shall yeah i think you're right you're saying interstellar name was busy at that show rights apparently he's a clause occurred now clean what what is your a gutter on uh be just like now while she was here performing for the super bowl apparently is somebody tried to escort her back to the room where there was alcohol being served and people really partying and she said she preferred to stay by the stage and one of her representatives a mentioned that she was pregnant and so that is when the rumor that is being floated around now cardi be says no y'all does let me be fat she knows she said this my favorite white quotes chagos let me fat and peace yes let me fat announced pregnant let me fat in peace we need to get that on a teeshirt of and wear it all the time all right thank you so that's the cardi be gossip and and moving on moving on we have one more confirmed blind item for you today this is concerning a former reality star turned bplus lists mostly movie actress who is still a teenager okay okay still a teenager this far reality star ternby plus lists mostly movie actress who would still.

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