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So he's he's joining the police academy down there. He was done with his four or five year tour which is great so we had an opening organization as we as we oftentimes do. We grow a lot lots. we're always hiring. we had. I think something like fifteen resumes come in and ten of those resumes we set up interviews with not a one. A single person showed up not a single person not even showed up for the fact that they might need it in the future note. Don't care not a single person showed up so you can just go ahead and you know whatever so. We had to hire a new front desert. She's great she's wonderful boy. I had to pay up to get her right. We had to pay more money than we normally would simply be now. I think she's going to work out. Great she's got a good skill set. And i think we got lucky. Bought the reality of it is that that would not our normal starting would have been a lot lower that we had to start. Because you simply can't get people over right now. You can hire people when the government is your competition and they're paying them to stay home and now some would say that's a good thing but if you analyze happened already in the country we've got higher wages. Well yeah but everything around you gets more expensive. And if you don't believe me take a ride to california where you have folks literally making sixty seventy thousand dollars a year. That cannot afford an apartment. So oh it's great great. They're making more money. That's wonderful except they're living on the streets till because they still don't have enough money to pay for the goods and services around them when gasoline is by the way the guys mike and mike did interview robert interview fifty five song hacks and gasoline liberals by the way that. Listen to this podcast..

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