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Fight we have some other great fighters but they have to get tougher fight because the Democrats are trying to hurt the Republican Party for the elections later in the evening house Democrats blocked a Republican effort to censure California congressman Adam Schiff as chairman of the house intelligence committee ship has become the face of the Democratic impeachment investigation a Republican resolution claimed he made misleading statements about president trump's July phone call with Ukraine's president the house blocked the move on the two hundred eighteen to one hundred eighty five party line vote shift has said his remarks were meant as a parity trial Snyder NPR news Washington results are in from Canada's national election prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party he has won the most seats but is Dan carbon check reports Trudeau's party did not secure a majority and we'll have to form a coalition to govern barring any changes due to recounts Trudeau's liberals took one hundred and fifty five seats just about all of them in Atlantic Canada Quebec and Ontario the centre right conservatives took one hundred and twenty two the left leaning New Democratic Party twenty five and the separatist bloc Quebecois thirty two with Trudeau winning most of the seats but not a majority he will likely turn to the new Democrats to help form a minority government together they would have more than half of the three hundred and thirty eight seats in the Canadian parliament the surprises last night with the resurgence of the separatist bloc Quebecois party and go back and the greens winning three seats for NPR news and then carbon check in Toronto former president Jimmy Carter has fallen again at his Georgia home the Carter center it says he's been hospitalized for treatment of.

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