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The realizing those synergies in form of initiatives and programs vetting companies to partner with trading ideas around technologies such as. Api's that can interact with our report with us. A lot of things that i've done over the years is all kind of bundled up into this role in a matter of fact when i read the description for this role emailed out my boss who was my boss but the ceo. Chris and i said visit exciting job. Descriptions let's just it's so befitting of my background and he tells me that yes been hours studying you're linked in and your website and built this role for you Based off of your background in the music industry and your your role as a c. entrepreneur and your role as an advisor mentor to startups You know it all kind of comes together in this role so it's a really exciting role. It's one that. I didn't really have any kind of trajectory. When i when i was in high school w worked for a quasi-governmental nonprofit but i am an but it's doing the things that i've been doing for many years In a way that really has an impact on the a lot of pictures and songwriters in the us. So is real exciting. Do you get a chance to sing anymore. Yes my shower. Still exists so i actually went to a friend of mine hosted a small little kariuki gathering last night. Very last minute and we. We had fun. doing that. actually put a few stories instagram. But yes. I haven't pursued singing as a as a talent as an artist idea number. I was my first job outside of ucla graduate ucla. Was she choose as a manager. And i developed their music category that included everything from actually selling music in in the in the store so physical cds to developing our music donald store online overseeing the actually designing wire frames for to look like but one of the things i did was started a multi city talent search.

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