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There. Were you have to get up or all of it. There is a there. Isn't a moment that you can phone in like this interview adam. I'm glad you said it accord the next one. You know like like the cliche of like athletes. Snow days offer any of that stuff. Bright you know you just you just fully committed because you never know like what could be a special moments and you wanna fully commits all of it. And like i said it's all mapped out the the dialogue group gibbons they're all there You know when. Larry david shows up on set and hero is there and it was the one time in a decade of entourage where we improvise and she just. I just ask them. What's a scene about looking. Don't worry about it and he wouldn't tell me what this nothing they just said. Here's your mark you meet larry. Here you'll end up here. You'll see drama here. Then you larry lined up here. And so just. Larry walks up to you and it's like your dream. It's a dream it's gotta understand. You know he's tickets to the game. I looked up. And you're you're at the game. And then so i just have to immediately and character start relating to him and explain why i didn't get him tickets and it's like a dream come true. It's so fun. Who was amazing. Was that because that was when you were going to get him. It was like what if we're gonna. We're going to do it the way he wants to do. It and as accustomed to acting right is not having a script. A thousand per se. That's incredible dude. Has there been someone over the years from all of your success student. And even now with stand up like that's come out of the woodwork. Or i mean an old friend or somebody. That's really you know. I'm always curious. 'cause everybody experience that for good or for bad. I mean there's a kid that i i grew up with what lived in my neighborhood and i never really liked them but was always cordial. Because that's how i am like even this kid was like i remember he'd like always gives me shit for not smoking cigarettes when i was like ten and just you know he just had a bad bad vibe bad attitude. But i was always nice. I'd still let them play in our pickup games in the neighborhood but he hit me up on facebook last night and sent me a message. I blocked them. But he's after this but invite him to the block party and he goes he goes. Starts it off by going. I don't like you at all. But i find myself hate laughing when i watch your shit. So that's something right. Please don't respond. And i just message back. I hope it gets better exo xl. And then. i blocked them now. Do you have people like that that. That was my dad by the way. But do you have people like that. That hits you up that are like holy shit man. I always remember when you were like nyu or you know. I don't know if you had day jobs. Prior to getting into biz but like people that just along. I was performing at an air force base for prisoners flow for second city and i and I was in the touring company. And i went to the bathroom. And i'm in the bathroom and i leave. And there's a guy being escorted in and it's to do that robbed my house and killed my dog. And they're i'm face to face with julio and there is and julio and i fought in high school we fought while we were both. I was dressed up for halloween warriors. Face paint on you know. And i literally and then you know when when when you get into a fight back in the day you take your shirt off. Send you fight desk. And it was. He was he was he was a gangster a real gangster and i see him and this is after i knew he had robbed my house and killed my dog and i'm looking at him and i just have that moment of like what do we do. I have to be on stage now. You know what i mean. So do i do. I start unleashing on. Julio in the bathroom. Or do i get on sage obvious. I got on stage. But i'm here to tell you when you're onstage performing in front of someone that evil you're not in the right space to create and it was just a real lesson in you know we already know that you have to be totally president confident in that place where you you want to just you know to creates on your highest level and i was just i was just unwatchable for that but it was. It's very difficult to perform for someone like that. That's not the question you ask that. Straight story way better response. Hey guys adam ray here for the about last night. Podcast as we've talked about on the show before. Look we're all trying to find out what's right for us in life in out of the bedroom but relationships should add value to our lives especially under the sheets with the windows. Closed the candles on and the music at full capacity. So why don't we think the same way about sex toys..

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