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Coworker a me if i wanted to meet open imminent friend on sunday before labor day i certainly would uh mike coworker is k but assured me that we'd be go under st bars are nothing again gave ours but just never been to onethird of all hesitant uh we ended up better for me was she with the group of gay guys on that night oh yeah and she was there with it i think it's pretty common what the pretty girl go to cape ours i did all the time and yeah i did it all the time when i was single it was just fine i mean they have great music everyone loves today and not hitting on you now and you just have a great time that drinks are pretty it also so people tend to have a great time interesting so you that's where you get your wife and she's not gay she wasn't gray she wasn't experimenting sure can you like wait a minute room together it's been uh if it encourage people to try it out because there are a lot of beautiful women that go to the gay bars because they know they're tired again hit on by a bunch of creepy good and they don't executor need somebody adygei barred that's the most surprising things i would think that though no i would i mean i've met straight guys a gay bars sure would you think you could meet adminstrator as a gay bars would you actually go to a a bar to meet your trade guy partner you now thinking about it i don't know i mean it's tons of fine ray it is fun but you don't know who's gay or or who straight that's the only problem you're like other guys really goodlooking over there and they started to making out with another do you like i must the goodlooking guys are gay yes that's what i that's what i hear clyde fifteen we just confirmed jordan taylor will be our guest on butler broncos front turned tomorrow so six o'clock tomorrow kumbaya jackson sports grill on ramp run hold greenwood village in you can meet jordan taylor marvel.

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